Spoilers for One Piece Manga Chapter 1022 Break This Week

rancakmedia.com – Bad news comes from manga one piece chapter 1022 which should be released this Sunday. One Piece Manga Chapter 1022 is known to be experiencing a break for 1 week, in this regard, fans are expected to be more patient.

In this article, there are spoilers for the One Piece manga chapter 1022, the latest release date, and a reading link that you can access at the end of the article. For those of you who don't want to be exposed to spoilers, it is not recommended to continue reading this article.

Quoted by PikiranRakyat-Indramayu.com from recenthighlights, here is some of the latest information regarding the development of Manga One Piece Chapter 1022.

The one piece manga chapter will officially re-release on Sunday, August 22, 2021.
Meanwhile, the raw scan will be released on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, while the spoiler itself has been released before.

The delay in this release was due to Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine Issue 38 experiencing a break for 1 week.

Therefore the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine holiday has an impact on the publication of several manga, one of which is One Piece.

Some fans of course can't wait for the actions of Zoro and Sanji who will face off against Queen and King, All Stars from Kaido.

Spoilers for One Piece Manga Chapter 1022 Break This Week

In the spoiler of One Piece Manga Chapter 1022 entitled "Ornamet" which means the shape of a flower, it is still unknown what the flower means in this place.

The chapter will start with a fight from Raizo against Fukurokuju led by some of Orochi's assassins who are now on Kaido's side.

There was also a shocking notification that all of Tobi Ropo had been defeated.

We'll see Killer's actions against Hawkins, and how clever Hawkins is, he connects his doll with Kid. Which means that if Killer attacks Hawkins, it's the Kid who will be hit by the attack.

On the other hand, Sanji bravely fought Kaido's 2 All Stars at once, namely Queen and King, but suddenly Perospero shot an arrow from behind, which made the situation even more difficult.

However, suddenly Nekomamushi came and attacked Perospero, the good news was that Marco came and stopped all attacks from King.

At the end of One Piece Manga Chapter 1022 we will see Zoro who has risen again and together with Sanji he screams. If we win this battle, Luffy will get closer to the pirate king.

Of course the fans will be waiting for the continuation of this epic battle, so you are strongly advised to read the official website, such as Viz Media or MangaPlus, one of which you can access. here.***

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