Tips for Cleaning Car Upholstery to Keep it Shiny, Very Easy – Lots of car users are looking for car upholstery cleaning tips to keep it shiny, now you will no longer be confused because we will discuss it in the article that we have provided below.

Many car owners focus more on maintaining the engine and exterior parts of the car, but it is also important to keep the car interior clean, including the car seats.

Dirty and smelly car seats can not only reduce driving comfort, but can also cause health problems for its users.

Therefore, cleaning car seats regularly is an important step to maintain health and comfort while driving.

Types of Car Seats

In addition, maintaining the cleanliness of the car interior including car seats can also provide aesthetic benefits. A clean and tidy car will look more attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Therefore, this article will discuss how to clean car seats effectively, including tips and tricks for keeping car seats clean so they always look clean and tidy.

By knowing these tips, it is hoped that readers can perform car upholstery maintenance more easily and efficiently.

Types of Car Seats

Before you know tips for cleaning car seats, it's important to know the types of car upholstery that are commonly used. Car seats can be made of a variety of materials, and each material requires different care. The following are the types of car seats that are commonly used:

1. Fabric Upholstery

Cloth upholstery is the most commonly used type of car seat. The fabric used is usually made of synthetic materials or natural fibers such as cotton or wool.

The advantages of cloth seats are that they are more comfortable and easy to install. However, cloth seats tend to get dirty easily and are difficult to clean if there are stains.

2. Leather Upholstery

Leather seats are a more exclusive type of car seat and are usually found in more expensive cars. Leather seats can give a luxurious and elegant impression to the car interior.

However, leather seats require more thorough and special care to keep them looking good and lasting.

Easy Tips for Cleaning Car Upholstery

Easy Tips for Cleaning Car Upholstery

Maintaining clean and well-maintained car seat conditions will not only increase driving comfort, but can also increase the selling value of your car.

However, cleaning car seats is not as easy as cleaning the exterior of a car.

Therefore, we have compiled 15 tips and easy ways to clean car seats effectively, namely:

1. Start by Lifting Dust and Dirt

Before starting to clean the car seats, be sure to remove dust and dirt with a soft handkerchief or brush. This will help remove dirt stuck to the car seats.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner

After removing dust and dirt, use a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner to remove the finer dirt.

Make sure to clean hard-to-reach crevices by using the proper tip on your vacuum cleaner.

3. Use Vehicle Washing Soap

Use a mild and safe vehicle washing soap to clean car seats. Be sure to read the instructions for use and follow the instructions properly.

4. Avoid Using Dishwashing Soap

Although dish soap can clean stubborn dirt, it is too harsh and can damage the leather of your car seats.

5. Use a Soft Brush

Use a Soft Brush

Use a soft brush or sponge that won't damage your car seat leather. Be sure to clean gently and carefully, especially the areas that are prone to scratches.

6. Avoid Using Rough Brushes

Rough brushes or rough sponges can damage the leather of your car seats and cause unwanted scratches.

7. Use Clean Water

Make sure to rinse your car seats with clean water after cleaning them with vehicle washing soap.

8. Avoid Using Too Hot Water

Too hot water can damage the leather of your car seats and cause permanent damage.

9. Use a Clean and Soft Wipe

After rinsing the car seats with clean water, use a clean, soft cloth to dry them. Be sure to wipe off the water gently and avoid squeezing the leather upholstery.

10. Avoid Using Coarse Cloth Wipes

Rough cloth wipes can damage the leather of your car seats and leave unwanted scratches.

11. Use Car Freshener

After cleaning the car seats, use car freshener to increase your driving comfort. Be sure to choose a safe and enjoyable car freshener.

12. Avoid Using Too Strong Car Fragrances

Car fresheners that are too strong can be very annoying and can even cause headaches or nausea for some people.

Make sure to choose a car freshener that has a light, pleasant scent.

13. Use Skin Conditioner

Use Skin Conditioners

After cleaning the car seats, use a leather conditioner to keep the leather upholstery soft and cared for.

Make sure to choose a leather conditioner that is safe and suitable for your car seat skin type.

14. Avoid using skin conditioners that contain oil

Oil-containing leather conditioners can damage your car seat leather and leave stains.

15. Keep Car Upholstery Clean Regularly

Don't let dirt accumulate on your car seat. Keep the car seats clean regularly by cleaning them at least once a week or according to your needs.

Tips for Caring for Good Car Upholstery

After cleaning the car seats, it is important to keep the seats clean and durable so that they look good and are comfortable to use.

The following are some tips for caring for car seats properly:

1. Protect Upholstery from Direct Sunlight

Sunlight that is too strong can damage car seat materials, especially leather seats. If possible, park the car in the shade or use seat covers to protect the seats from direct sunlight.

2. Clean Stains As Soon As They Occur

Stains left on car seats for too long can be difficult to remove and can damage the upholstery material.

So, clean stains as soon as they occur by using the right cleaning solutions.

3. Use a Safe Car Freshener for Upholstery

Use Safe Car Fresheners for Upholstery

Unsuitable car fresheners can damage the car upholstery material. So, use a car freshener that is safe for upholstery such as water-based or one recommended by the car manufacturer.

4. Don't Rub the Upholstery Too Hard

Rubbing the upholstery too hard can damage the surface of the upholstery, especially leather upholstery. Use a soft brush or microfiber cloth to clean the upholstery and avoid scrubbing too hard.

5. Perform Routine Maintenance

Perform routine maintenance on car seats, especially leather seats. Conditioning and protecting the skin every few months to keep the skin soft and moist. Don't forget to clean the upholstery regularly to keep it clean.


Cleaning car seats requires special care to keep them looking like new. Keep the car seats clean regularly by cleaning them at least once a week or according to your needs.

This is information about tips for cleaning car seats to keep them shiny, really easy. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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