Schedule and How to Watch Anime Tokyo Revengers Streaming with Indo Sub

Schedule and How to Watch Anime Tokyo Revengers Streaming Indo Sub – Indonesian Talents participating in the international arena. He is Aswin Nurcahya, who participated in the production of a Japanese anime with the title Tokyo Revengers.

Aswin worked on the visual impact part of the anime. "So it works, the results of the animation and background are combined in the After Effects software.

There are light effects, additional camera movements, the camera zooms out, zooms in, and so on, filters are added to make it even more interesting, even cooler, “explained Aswin, taken by on the Muse Indonesia YouTube channel, Saturday 6 December 2021.

He uses many correction techniques and effects in an episode, for example an episode where a bicycle is thrown in the main image that is highlighted is the middle of the bicycle and then a zoom out effect is added.

The work he has to do includes the most important stage, namely the final touch. “You have to be careful that nothing goes wrong because the end is the animation process.

So you have to keep watching. the results are not wrong," said Aswin Aswin who worked on Tokyo Revengers especially in scenes 7 and 8. Because it started from episode 7 with our team.

This 26-year-old youth now lives in Japan and works at an animation studio. He has a Japanese nickname, Hikaru.

How to Watch Tokyo Revengers with Indo Sub

Schedule and How to Watch Tokyo Revengers with Indo Sub

Good news for anime lovers in Indonesia, Tokyo Revengers will be broadcast in Indonesia on Muse Indonesia's official YouTube channel. Through this channel you can watch Tokyo Reveners legally and for free, with Indonesian subtitles.

This makes it easier for you to watch and follow the story of the Tokyo Revengers anime. The Tokyo Revengers anime will broadcast new episodes every Sunday at 01:38 WIB on the official Muse Indonesia YouTube channel.

It's also easy to watch the Tokyo Revengers Indo Sub anime. All you need to do is open YouTube using a mobile phone or a browser on a netbook.

Then search for the channel "Indonesian Musethen the Tokyo Revengers playlist. You can click on the following link to go to Muse Indonesia's official YouTube.

Spoiler Manga Tokyo Revengers Chapter 208 Released, Takemichi's Last War

Finally after a week of waiting, the Tokyo Revengers Manga is back being released this week. The Tokyo Manji Revengers manga, or better known as Tokyo Revengers, is indeed a new guide for manga lovers.

Because anime has succeeded in capturing the hearts of anime lovers, the Tokyo Reveners manga has been eagerly awaited to be published in each new chapter.

The Tokyo Reveners manga has now entered its 208th chapter, where the story has reached the "final arc".
Where Takemichi, who managed to save Nista and some of his friends in Toman, was forced to go back 10 years to save Mikey who is currently in high school.

So what will happen in this latest chapter? Watch it on Muse Indonesia's official YouTube channel.

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