Interesting Facts about KKN Films in the Dancer Village – Lots of audiences throughout Indonesia were amazed by the KKN film in the dancer village, along with interesting facts about the KKN film in the dancer village.

This Awi Suryadi film is based on the true story of a number of students participating in the KKN (Real Work Lecture) in a village in East Java.

This film was finally released in Indonesian cinemas after being delayed for two years due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

MD Pictures as the production studio has been working on the KKN film in the Dancer Village since 2019 and is planned to be broadcast in 2022.

Synopsis of KKN in the Dancer Village

This film just made its debut on April 30, 2022 and may still be watched today.

So, what can you learn from the KKN film screening in the Dancer Village?

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Synopsis of KKN in the Dancer Village

The KKN film in the Penari Village tells about a mystical incident that befell six KKN students named Nur (Tissa Biani), Widya (Adinda Thomas), Ayu (Aghniny Haque), Bima (Achmad Megantara), Anton (Calvin Jeremy), and Wahyu (Fajar Nugraha). ).

They meet Pak Prabu, the head of the village household (Kiki Narendra). Pak Prabu warned him to follow the rules and stay away from dangerous areas in the village, including wells and well houses. After a dancer tortures Nur and Widya, their normally smooth days take a turn for the worst.

Bima also began to change his attitude and made the KKN event chaotic. Nur also knows that one of them has violated the village rules. They enlist the help of a local shaman, Mbah Buyut (Diding Boneng), to solve their problem.

List of Interesting KKN Film Facts in the Dancer Village

Below we have summarized a list of interesting facts about KKN films in dancer villages that you need to know, as follows:

Appointed from a Viral Thread on Twitter

The beginning of the viral KKN in the Dancer Village came from a horror thread posted by a Twitter user named SimpleMan (@SimpleM81378523).

In this thread, it tells about a group of students who are doing Community Service Program (KKN) in a remote village in East Java.

This thread takes two perspectives from students named Nur and Widya. This story is said to be lifted from a true story.

The name of the story writer and the name of the village are still a mystery

The author or SimpleMan is still a mystery behind the viral KKN story in Dancer Village, and no one knows his true identity. Not only that, Simpleman managed to keep the name of the village and its exact location a secret until now.

SimpleMan only mentions that the city where the crime occurred has the letter B, but the student victim indicates that the story is from city S.

Delayed For 2 Years

As is known, the KKN film in the Dancer Village was delayed for up to 2 uncertain years. MD Pictures wrapped filming in 2019 and hopes to release the full film in 2020.

However, the number of cases of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to increase in Indonesia. In early 2022, MD Pictures had stated that the film would premiere in February.

However, due to PPKM regulations, the film was postponed again, making the audience wait longer. Finally, on April 30, 2022, the film premiered on television for the first time.

Spending Billions

Manoj Punjabi as the producer of the KKN film in Penari Village revealed that the process of making this film required tens of billions of rupiah in funds.

"There were a lot (difficulties), at that time we were filming from November to December, it was raining again, building sets in the forest had to go down. There are so many trials that we go through," explained Manoj Punjabi.

Regret from the Author

The writer for the KKN story in the Penari Village, SimpleMan, once voiced his regret for writing the story which went viral on Raditya Dika's YouTube channel.

He added that many people who were there at the time of the incident were disturbed by the comments netizens had appeared on their social media pages. Although the group hid the identity of the victim, the location of the incident, and the name of the campus.


In the article above, we have discussed interesting facts about KKN in the Dancer Village which amazed the audience with the film.

Thus the article about Interesting Facts about KKN Films in the Dancer Village, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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