Watch Kaget Nikah Full Episode – If you want to watch the full episode of Shocked Marriage, you can see the synopsis and interesting facts in this Shocked Marriage series.

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About the Telegram Link Surprised Marriage

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About the Telegram Link Surprised Marriage

The Telegram Link Shocked Nikah is a streaming medium for the Indonesian film series titled Shocked Nikah. The series premiered last Thursday, December 23, 2021 on streaming platform WeTV.

This wedding surprise was directed by Vemmy Sagita who previously worked on the 'Turn On' series. Apart from that, he was also selected as Director of the Commendable Soap Opera at the 2013 Bandung Film Festival through the film 'Love in Paris'.

This series showcases Indonesia's rising talents. Fero Walandouw and Steffi Zamora are also on the list, as are Aurora Ribero and Kevin Julio.

It seems that the narrative of Lalita (Aurora Ribero) who is forced to marry Andre becomes the focus of this series (Kevin Julio). Then what about spoilers about the story? Check out the synopsis below.

Synopsis Serial Shocked Nikah

The narration begins with Lalita's preparations to celebrate her nineteenth birthday with her family in Bogor. Shortly thereafter, Lalita was involved in an accident with her friends who had come to deliver gifts for her.

Her father's cousin, Andre, is the one who tracked down Lalita and saved her. Andre's actions actually led to speculation that he had committed immoral acts against Lalita.

Not wanting to drag on, finally the parents of Andre and Lalita decided to marry them off immediately. Please note, Andre and Lalita did not know each other before.

It's quite tickling, where Lalita and Andre, without being based on love, have to swallow destiny to get married. Since then, dramas have developed after they got married, what's the next story?

Here are links to the WeTV and Telegram platforms where you can watch the Surprised Marriage series.

Surprised Marriage Serial Facts

Here are the facts from the marriage shock series that you need to know, as follows:

Synopsis Serial Shocked Nikah

1. Forced to Marry to Protect Virginity

The Surprised Nikah series depicts the story of Lalita and her friends who are on vacation in Puncak, Bogor to celebrate their 19th birthday. There, Andre, son of Papa's friend, comes to save Lalita after an incident.

Local residents who saw the episode were misled into believing they were engaging in morally repugnant behavior. Not wanting to be ashamed and cursed, they were finally pushed to marry by their parents.

The result is a house filled with bickering and strife as they are forced to live together without affection.

2. Raising taboo issues in Indonesia

For many Indonesians, the loss of virginity is not a major issue in sexual relations in moments of intimacy. The incident that caused her hymen to tear made Lalita lose her virginity.

His parents, on the other hand, were skeptical about what actually happened. By marrying Andre, they want to keep Lalita's virginity.

This series presents its own understanding that sexual intercourse is not the main factor causing the loss of virginity in women.

3. The director of this series was inspired by the film Curtain Night of the Bride (1983)

The Surprised Marriage series was directed by Vemmy Sagita, who previously worked on the Turn On series and the soap opera Cinta Cinta Jakarta. In the series Surprised Nikah, he admits to being influenced by the classic film Curtain Night Bride, which was released in 1983.

The plot revolves around a bride who meets an unfortunate end just days before her wedding. The difference is, the video focuses more on coercing parents to undergo hymen surgery on their children.

4. Kevin Julio and Aurora Ribero in the main roles

actor Kevin Julio plays Lalita, while actress Aurora Ribero plays André. Apart from that, there is Steffi Zamora who plays Carissa, Lalita's sister.

Steffi's boyfriend, Fero Walandouw also plays a role in this series as Rico, the man in Carissa's life.

Also starring several well-known actors and actresses such as Raisya Bawazier, Axel Matthew Thomas, Roy Marten, Mathias Muchus, and Lia Waode.

5. Showing the Natural Beauty of Bali

The Surprised Nikah series chose the island of Bali as the backdrop for its plot. The two of them are lucky enough to have a nice place to live with stunning views of the surrounding area as their home.

Thus, the beautiful beaches and locations of the island of Bali can be shown to viewers.

Watch the Surprised Marriage Series on WeTV

Watch 'Kaget Nikah' on WeTV, an Indonesian serial network, which is available as a streaming service. However, you must first upgrade your account to VIP at a cost of Rp. 15 thousand.

VIP accounts can pamper users so that they are more comfortable while watching. The main service allows access to many videos, and without annoying ads.

You can watch WeTV on your computer or mobile device. You can watch “Surprised Nikah” without ads by following these easy steps:

  1. Open the Browser on your Laptop/Computer
  2. Or first download the WeTV application on the Google Play Store
  3. Then, if it's installed, please look for the 'Shocked Marriage' series or click here
  4. Enjoy watching

Telegram Link Surprised Marriage

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The Telegram Link Shocked Nikah is a streaming medium for the Indonesian film series titled Shocked Nikah. The series premiered last Thursday, December 23, 2021 on streaming platform WeTV.

In the article above, we don't only provide a link to watch Shocked Marriage, but we also discuss a synopsis of the Shocked Marriage series and interesting facts.

Thus the article about Watch Kaget Nikah Full Episode, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you, enjoy watching.

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