Film Synopsis The Medium and Watch Link – Have you watched the film the medium? If not, you need to know in advance the synopsis of the film The Medium and the viewing link that we provide below.

According to many sources, this film premiered in South Korea on July 14, 2021 before being released in Indonesia on October 20, 2021. This film was directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun.

Meanwhile, the script was written by Cha-won Choi, Chanavit Dhanasevi, and Na Hong-jin. The film is a work between Thailand and South Korea, the two countries that shot most of the footage. The production itself was carried out in Thailand by involving film companies GDH 559, Showbox Entertainment and Northern Cross.

Synopsis of The Medium

At first, this film seems to depict the grisly story of a Thai shaman who runs a family work of evil magic. Various horror and thrilling scenes are presented in it. So there you have it. The plot synopsis is provided below.

Synopsis of The Medium

Film Medium presents the story of shamanism in Thailand in a documentary approach. Starting from a shaman or female shaman from Northern Thailand named Nim (Sawanee Utoomma).

At that time the documentary team followed Nim to his house because he had to replace his older brother Noi (Sirani Yankittikan).

Noi has no interest in becoming a shaman as her job requires her to act as a bridge between the astral and physical planes. The Nim family has been doing this job for centuries, and now it needs to be done.

When Nim ever visits his quirky nephew, Mink (Nilya Gulmongkolpech), it's a moment of grief over the death of his sister's partner. As Nim and Noi understand the reality of the situation, they start having doubts about Mink.

Mink is the son of Noi, a beautiful girl in her 20s who has been possessed by a ghost and behaves strangely. He was bleeding profusely and his eyes turned bloodshot.

Since it came from a spirit and no one else in the family noticed it, only Nim could see it then.

The film Medium provides an overview of human horror when possessed by a spirit. Visual horror is expressed in supernaturalism, exorcism, and occult scenes to create an intense horror feeling with rain, dirt, and blood.

Even though it is presented in a documentary style, this film manages to create a real impact on its audience. Similar to stories in other horror films, there are scenes of soul cleansing or exorcism of possessed monsters.

The horrific scenes when the exorcism takes place become a horror attraction that is fun to watch. So, what do you think about the events of the film? Streams are available to watch at no cost; the link is provided at the bottom of this page.

The Medium Movie Facts

Here are the facts about the medium film that you need to know, namely:

1. Tells the world of shamanism

As a result of combining parts of traditional Korean and Thai shamanic practices, the film has an unsettling plot. Medium films rarely feature ghosts in their narrative.

Even though it only has a background in the world of shamanism and possession, the evil spirit that has possessed one of the family members is shown in a terrible way that makes the audience terrified.

2. Works by well-known directors from two countries

Before it was released, everyone couldn't wait to watch this film. This is because many foreign people yearn for collaborative works from two well-known filmmakers from different countries. Thai filmmaker Banjong Pisathanakun and South Korean director Na Hong Jin have collaborated on a film as a medium.

Banjong Pisathanakun was previously known for directing 3 iconic Thai horror films, most notably Shutter, Pee Mak, Alone, and Phobia 2. Films such as The Wailing and The Chaser were directed by Na Hong Jin.

3. Displays sadistic scenes

For those who like gore films or scenes with sadistic and violent humor and charming scenes through the use of old films, The Medium is a must-watch. This film is also ideal for Indonesian people to watch because it is known as a shamanic ceremony.

Watch Streaming The Medium for Free

You can watch The Medium (2021) with Indonesian subtitles after reading the synopsis above on the streaming site. There are various streaming services on search engines that you can use to watch movies for free.

Through these platforms or suppliers, you can experience different genres according to your choice. To watch The Medium (2021) with Indonesian subtitles, visit the link for streaming service providers.

You can watch streaming on a laptop or smartphone device only with an internet connection. If you are still having trouble seeing, then the solution is to take advantage of the Telegram platform.

Watch the film The Medium with Indonesian Sub Telegram

Anyone having trouble accessing the stream URL for The Medium (2021) can use this guide. The solution is that you can watch it using the Telegram program. Application it always offers what we need as long as someone shares it.

Of course, once you find it, you just need to download it and watch the movie right away. Because with this Telegram program we can transfer very large files. To watch it on Telegram use the link

Isn't it simple enough to watch The Medium on Telegram? Besides being able to watch it streaming, you can also download it if you want to watch it at a later time.


Film Medium presents the story of shamanism in Thailand in a documentary approach. Starting from a shaman or female shaman from Northern Thailand named Nim (Sawanee Utoomma). At that time the documentary team followed Nim to his house because he had to replace his older brother Noi (Sirani Yankittikan).

In the article above, we don't only provide a synopsis of the medium film, but we also provide facts about the medium film and a link to watch it on Telegram.

Thus the article about The Medium Film Synopsis and Watch Link, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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