Korean Drama Nevertheless, Indo Sub

Rancakmedia.com – Lots of people want to watch the Korean drama Nevertheless, you can find out the synopsis of the Korean drama Persistence with the Indo sub, which we will discuss below.

You have to watch this new show because the drama and cast will leave you speechless and clapping in awe.

The title is quite unique, namely Nevertheless, it's hard to know what this drama is like just from the title, so we suggest you check out the synopsis as well.

It's not just the broadcast date and synopsis that are important, there is still a cast list that you should see because who knows your favorite actor or actress will play in this drama.

We're more likely to watch if our favorite player is on the bill, right? For that, let's find out all that first and start with a synopsis of this viral one.

Synopsis of Drakor Nevertheless

Song Kang and Han So Hee will play Park Jae Uhn and Yoo Na Bi respectively in this new drama. Then there is also Chae Jong Hyeop as Hang Do Hyuk.

This is the narrative of Yoo Na Bi, a woman who doesn't believe in love but tries to feel a connection with others.

Meanwhile, Park Jae Uhn, a man who is not interested in a relationship and instead enjoys playing games, is known for his skill at flirting, as shown by his use of PDKT and the ensuing attraction.

All of this he accomplished without ever getting too sentimental. However, eventually, they will meet each other and develop a strong urge to push their individual limits.

Na Bi, who doesn't believe in love and doesn't want to express her emotions but wants to know what it's like to date, is increasingly pressured to not be able to suppress her true feelings.

Then Jae Uhn who had promised himself not to date started feeling like he needed to break it because of the real thrill he felt deep down inside.

What's their story like? Hey but don't forget the third character, Hang Do Hyuk. This narrative is not only about the two of them, but will it be a love competition for Na Bi?

Curious? When this drama aired, you probably saw it for yourself and got really engrossed in it. The following contains information about the drama However, when will it air in full.

Nevertheless Player List

Below we provide a list of Nevertheless's players, as follows:

  1. Song Kang will be taking on the role of Park Jae Eon, a college student who is not interested in serious love relationships, but loves girls as a hobby!
  2. Han So Hee will play the character Yoo Na Bi who doesn't believe in love after a bitter experience she went through in the past
  3. Yoo Na Bi, who currently manages a cooking YouTube channel, Yang Do Hyuk will be played by Chae Jong Hyeop
  4. Yoon Seol Ah will become Park Jae Eon's ex-girlfriend as well as Yoo Na Bi's love rival. The character Yoon Seol Ah will be played by Lee Yeol Eum
  5. Actress and model Han Eu Ddeum will transform into an assistant lecturer in the arts department named Min Young
  6. Yoo Jeong Sook, a loving aunt who raised Yoo Na Bi
  7. Kim Min Gwi will play the role of Yoo Na Bi's classmate who has a bright personality named Nam Gyu Hyeon
  8. Jung Jae Kwang will be playing the role of Ahn Kyung Joon
  9. Ang Se Young, who will be played by Seo Hye Won, is Yoo Na Bi's younger brother who is popular with his cheerful and friendly personality.

When will the drama Nevertheless be Aired

This drama is an adaptation of a Webtoon with the title Love Triangle or love triangle which can only be accessed in Korean, therefore it's only natural that we don't know about this Webtoon.

Because it's based on a webtoon, there's no need to doubt the quality of the story in this drama.

In addition, the cast chosen for this drama has the potential to make it even more exciting and interesting in 2021. It would be a shame if this one drama wasn't on your watch list. In other words, when can we expect to see this new series on our drama screens?

However, the drama will be scheduled to debut sometime in June 2021 when the drama Undercover, played by Han So Hee, also ends airing that month.

This drama airs every Friday and Saturday South Korean time on the JTBC TV channel. If in Indonesia this drama will probably be released every Saturday and Sunday.

No exact date has been set yet, because we are still waiting for news when the drama Undercover will finish showing all its episodes. But keep in mind in June that this drama will be here to please you.

Watch Nevertheless Where

The last drama, Undercover, aired on the same channels, mainly JTBC and Netflix, so those of you hoping to catch it when it airs in June can anticipate Netflix to stream it.

The time is not specified, but usually, most dramas are published at 7 pm in Indonesia, while in Korea it is 7 o'clock with a difference of 1 day.

For more news about this drama, you can find out by following its development here and don't miss the release schedule later.


In the article above, we don't only provide a synopsis of Drakor Nevertheless, but we also provide information about the players, and places for you to watch it.

Thus the article about the Korean Drama Nevertheless, Indo Sub, I hope the article below can be useful and helpful for all of you, enjoy watching.

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