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Synopsis Ustad Millennial

The story of Ustad Millennial takes place in the Yogyakarta area, where Javanese is still widely spoken. Ahmad, a recent Islamic boarding school graduate, was forced to leave early due to his father's illness.

Synopsis Ustad Millennial

Ahmad himself had dreamed of becoming a Da'i or preacher since childhood and his father supported his dream.

Currently he is getting a scholarship to continue his studies in Cairo, Egypt. However, events in his life left him confused and unable to make up his mind.

His father is now ill and he wants Ahmad to continue the family business, especially the garage and has asked him to take care of his mother and younger sister.

She has a younger sister named Aisyah, she quite likes selfies and posting them on social media. Moreover, Aisyah is currently in college and requires large funds to continue her studies.

His mother, Maemunah, on the other hand, is preoccupied with her own problems and doesn't want Ahmad to be a distraction. Even his family currently owes 2 billion rupiah to the bank.

Ahmad also has a friend named Ibrahim or Boim. Boim has a beautiful sister named Khadijah, also known as Kia, and the two have been friends since childhood.

Kia has been in love with Ahmad for a long time, but unfortunately Ahmad himself is an insensitive man and cannot understand the love Kia has thrown at him.

It turned out that Boim had asked Ahmad to accompany him because they had not seen each other for a long time when he was delivering food to Kia's house.

One night while they were eating together, Ahmad's father died and his grief was great. However, Ahmad feels that he has not been able to fulfill his father's wish to continue the family business. As the yasinan was getting late, Ahmad's mother told him to take Kia home with him.

In the middle of the road, Kia handed over the code to Ahmad, but unfortunately there was still no response. Meanwhile, Aisyah accidentally finds out that her family is in huge debt.

Maemunah's mother urged Aisyah not to tell her sister because it would make her angry. Ahmad got ready to leave and immediately said goodbye to his family and Kia offered a notepad to Ahmad.

He then leaves and is escorted by Boim, unknowingly Boim sneaks out about the Boim family's debt because he feels everything is in order.

Ahmad was caught red-handed, so they went home and decided to postpone Ahmad's trip to Cairo. Ahmad wants to solve his family's debt problems.

Since then, Ahmad has been supported by Boim and Kia to handle the family business. Ahmad strove to operate it in a way that complies with Islamic law, rather than the previous approach.

In the last episode of the series, Ustad Millennial Khadijah and Ahmad decided to cancel their wedding. They chat with their separated families about the choices they have made.

Ahmad made the decision to pursue his dream and went to Cairo. Khadijah, on the other hand, will continue to oversee the workshop. Not only Ahmad who left, Timbo also said goodbye to move to America.

In the workshop there is only Ibrahim and Khadijah. They continued to manage the workshop together. 2 years later the workshop is now growing rapidly. There will be a reopening of workshops.

During the reopening, Ibrahim announced that there would be a guest appearance at the session. Khadijah, Aisyah, and the others were mesmerized by the sight of the visitor.

It turned out that Timbo had come, they were excited. Not long ago, Ahmad, who in fact had also realized his dream in Cairo, appeared amidst the joy of the workshop personnel.

Aisyah and Ahmad's mother immediately hugged her. Ahmad was able to attend the reopening workshop, much to Khadija's delight.

Everyone present at the joint meal experienced joy. Suddenly a woman wearing a hijab came into the workshop and said hello.

Susan's appearance as a Muslim woman wearing a hijab caught Ahmad off guard. It turns out that Susan has converted to Islam. Ahmad saw Khadijah sitting alone.

Moreover, Ahmad asked Khadijah to join him in the talks. When Ahmad was in Cairo, he asked about Khadija's feelings.

Khadijah also stated that her emotions towards Ahmad were still the same as before. Ahmad told Khadijah that Ahmad believed in Khadijah. For the first time, Ahmad admits that he loves Khadijah.

Release Date Watching Ustad Millennial

This film series is an original web series from WeTV and produced by IMAGINE Studio. This series first aired on April 12, 2021 on WeTV and Iflix.

This film has another title called The Millennial Preacher, this series will feature a total of 20 episodes. Every Monday and Thursday at 16.00 WIB is the broadcast time.

The last episode of this web series aired on June 10, 2021, and now you can watch it in its entirety. Not to forget the drama and intrigue presented by Ahmad's life story in this film.

Release Date Watching Ustad Millennial

Link to Watch Millennial Ustadz

To be able to watch this film series, you don't need to be confused. You can watch it on Iflix or on WeTV for free here. But to be able to watch it for free, you have to wait for the episode to be available for free first.

But if you can't help but want to know what's next, you can subscribe first or become a VIP member first and watch it early.

However, if you want to watch it without a membership, you can use alternative sites that carry this film, such as Lk21, Indoxxi, and other alternative locations.

In the search area, you can search for the movie you are looking for. If it is accessible, you can directly download it or watch it.

However, WeTV, which is clearly official, is where we recommend you watch it.


The millennial ustad film tells about how Ahmad's struggle with Baim to rebuild his company's workshop which was on the verge of bankruptcy. Besides that, Ahmad also runs a business with Islamic law and becomes a preacher.

In the article above, we don't only provide a synopsis of millennial ustadz, but we also provide a broadcast date and a viewing link that you can use.

Thus the article about Watching the Ustad Millennial Film and its Synopsis, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you, enjoy watching.

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