Youth of May Drama Sub Indo Full Movie – You are already familiar with the drama Youth of May, if you haven't watched Youth of May, you can watch it in the article below.

For those of you who don't know, Youth of May is the drama that fans of Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si have been waiting for. They were here to compete with each other during the Gwangju rebel period.

If you're looking for a love story filled with animosity and tension between the rich and the poor, this Korean melodrama is for you.

Before watching this drama, let's take a look at the synopsis below so that you understand better and are interested in watching it.

Synopsis Youth of May

This drama tells the story of Hqang Tae who is a medical student with a cunning and mischievous personality. Even so he is a person who has a high artistic soul who likes to play the guitar.

Synopsis Youth of May

Meanwhile, there is Kim Myung He, a nurse from Gwangju who has migrated and is living independently. The two of them are a couple who love each other, but one day an incident occurs that causes an uproar.

This event is called the Gwangju rebellion and that's why the drama focuses on the events in 1980. As a result they receive a series of bad experiences.

Their lives are forever changed as a result of the incident, and many obstacles prevent them from fully pursuing their love story. Who knows where their story will go from here. Let's watch this Korean drama right now.

Where is Youth of May Showing

If you've read the synopsis, you can watch this Drakor right away because it aired on May 3, 2021 last year. For its own schedule, this Korean drama is released every Monday and Tuesday.

The drama series Youth of May airs on KBS Korea every Monday and Tuesday at 21.30 WSK. In Indonesia, this drama airs on the same day every 19.30 WIB.

To be able to watch it, you don't need to go through the Korean TV channel, just install the Viu program because this drama will regularly air there.

On Viu itself, this drama will be released every Tuesday and Wednesday with a total of 24 episodes. If you want to watch this series live, you can follow the following debate. check point.

Watch Youth of May Sub Indo Episode 1 – 10

You can watch the drama Youth of May, Indo sub episodes 1 – 10 for free right now on Viu by clicking the link following. Each episode is about 30 minutes long.

You can watch episodes one and two now for free with ads first. You can watch episodes three and four on May 11 and 12 last year.

Episodes five and six aired on May 18 and 19, Episodes seven and eight on May 25 and 26, and episodes nine and ten on June 1 and 2.

You can watch every episode after it's released, just click on the link to watch Youth of May with Indonesian subtitles episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 which we shared above.

But if later this drama turns into a paid one or you don't want to be bothered by advertisements, you can use the link that we share below so you can watch it for free without any problems.

Alternative to Watch Drakor Free Without Ads

If you don't want to use Viu to watch the drama Youth of May with Indonesian subtitles and prefer to download it, you can do it through the website that hosts the drama.

Sites such as drakorindo, drakorasia, and doramaindo, among others, can be used to obtain drakor. These sites can be found in a Google search and are widely circulated.

Apart from that, you can also watch it through the Telegram program on channels or groups that specifically provide download links or watch Youth of May with Indo Sub.

The subtitles are usually already there or attached to the video, aka hardsub. But we recommend that you watch it officially via application viu.


Youth of May tells the story of Hqang Tae, a medical student who has mischievous traits, but has good qualities, namely having an artistic soul and liking to play the guitar. And Kim Myung Hae who is a nurse who wanders and lives independently.

In the article above, we don't only provide a synopsis of the youth of may drama, but we also provide a link that you can use to watch the youth of may drama.

Thus the article about Youth of May Drama Sub Indo Full Movie, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you, enjoy watching.

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