Series Little Mom Full Episode on Telegram – As we know, there are lots of good Indonesian series, one of which is Little Mom. You can watch the Little Mom Series Full Episode by clicking the Telegram link that we provide below.

Telegram is an instant messaging program that is quite widely used by netizens today.

Telegram chats, phone calls and video calls make it a complete social networking tool.

Telegram, on the other hand, has shifted focus and is now being used for other reasons. For example, with Telegram there is a bot function which is quite useful to help with daily needs.

Currently, Telegram is also widely used by the public to watch movies for free.

Movies on Telegram itself use the characteristics of the program that make it possible to transfer very large files and we can search for them in groups of films distributed on Telegram.

Little Mom Telegra is one of the films currently being targeted. Listen to the end.

Little Mom Telegram

In and of itself, the We TV streaming service's original web series, “Little Mom,” is incredibly entertaining to watch. Several well-known artists play the role of Little Mom, such as Natasha Wilona as Naura and Al Ghazali as Keenan.

A story of a girl named Naura dreams of becoming an obstetrician, as shown in the web series Little Mom. Despite her young age, Naura is a smart and talented 16 year old girl.

It seems that Naura has lost all opportunities to achieve her dream after finding out she is pregnant with Yuda's child.

Yuda's decision to go to Japan only exacerbated the problem. This made Naura feel pressured and anxious to achieve her dream of becoming an obstetrician.

Luckily, Naura is constantly joined by her closest friend, Keenan, who has always accompanied her all this time, making Naura's spirit reappear.

In the end, Keenan causes Naura to fall in love and get caught in a love triangle. Want to know the continuation of the story?

We TV's official streaming service is where you can watch the Little Mom web series. You can access the film via this link.

The Little Mom Web Series itself has now been released in episode 1 of 13 episodes. On the streaming service We TV itself, episodes 2 and 3 have been released for priority VIP members. Apart from that, there is also a trailer for episode 4 that can be seen by VIP members.

Every Friday at 18.00 on We TV, the Little Mom web series is updated. Or watch the movie smoothly, you can register to subscribe to We TV first.

Watch Little Mom Telegram

Apart from watching on We TV, it turns out that there are also many netizens who are looking for a link to watch the Little Mom film on Telegram.

Telegram users can watch the movie “Little Mom” by searching for it from within the Telegram client. You can find the Web Series Little Mom film directly via the following group link This

Here's how to watch Little Mom:

  1. Use your mobile Telegram application to communicate with other people
  2. Click the search button on the top right corner of the screen and search for Little Mom
  3. If you don't want to be complicated, you can just click here
  4. You will immediately be directed to the Little Mom Telegram group and the film will be online and ready to watch.
  5. You must first download the Little Mom movie to your computer before you can watch it on Telegram


A story of a girl named Naura dreams of becoming an obstetrician, as shown in the web series Little Mom. Despite her young age, Naura is a smart and talented 16 year old girl.

In the article above, we have provided a synopsis of the Little Mom series, a link to watch, and we also provide a way to watch Little Mom.

Thus the article about the Little Mom Series Full Episode on Telegram, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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