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Recent releases include the highly anticipated third seasons of The Penthouse and Sweet and Sour, respectively. If Penthouse were a serious drama, the topics we'd be debating would be lighthearted and entertaining enough to make us smile.

So don't be nervous, because this drama will be like the title, namely Sweet and Sour. But which dominates more, sour or sweet?

Synopsis Sweet and Sour

For that, let's just look at the discussion about the drama Sweet and Sour, starting with the summary first.

Synopsis Sweet and Sour

This drama tells about Jung Da Eun (Chae Soo Bin) who is a nurse at a hospital in Incheon. He meets a stocky man named Jang Hyeok (Lee Woo Je) who is his patient.

Da Eun who is very sweet and very kind when taking care of her makes this man fall in love with her. Who knew it wasn't a one-sided relationship? Jang Hyeok's feelings are welcomed and they end up dating.

Realizing that he is fat and embarrassed by his appearance, Jang Hyeok is committed to losing weight and dieting. This is done to make him feel more comfortable and allow him to wear partner clothes.

We will be amazed that Jang Hyeok's diet program is effective and he finally has a perfect physique. Jang Hyeok who already has an extraordinary figure brought by Jang Ki Young and is able to amaze us all.

Their relationship is natural and full of love every day. But everything changed when Jang Hyeok was transferred by his office to Seoul. That they will be in a long distance relationship is a testament to this, and is the real test.

What's more, Jang Hyeok, who has to work overtime and travel from Incheon to Seoul, is getting increasingly difficult to return to Da Eun's residence.

Not to mention that there is Bo Young, Jang Hyeok's opponent, in his office for a permanent staff position. However, the fact that they often worked in close quarters and often late into the night made them even closer.

The closer they were, the farther Jang Hyeok was from Da Eun. Here we will see a relationship from the sweet to sour phase, maybe there is even bitterness too.

What can we expect from this love story? Then don't miss the drama of this building, okay? Then where can we watch Sweet & Sour with Indo subtitles?

Showtimes for Sweet and Sour with Indo Sub

The Sweet and Sour schedule premiered on June 4, at the same time as the third season of drama Penthouse.

It's just that this is a Netflix original production, and as such, only available through application Netflix.

Featuring the comedy, drama, and melodrama genres, this 42-minute, one-hour long film will have you sucked into the story and unable to keep it down.

This drama also turns out to be an adaptation of Inui Kurumi's book entitled The Initiation of Love. Even this drama managed to get high viewership and critical acclaim because of the quality of the story.

Watch Sweet and Sour with Indo Sub

We recommend that you watch this drama on Netflix, because that's where it is available in its entirety. However, you must register and subscribe first to watch this Korean drama.

Usually there will be an offer for a free trial for 14 days or one month. If you are in a position to do so, subscribe sign up for a free trial subscription to watch it.

If you want to watch a wide variety of movies and television shows, subscribing to Netflix isn't a bad idea.

But if you don't want to subscribe, you can watch Sweet and Sour with Indo subs through various sites that provide it.

These websites can be found through a Google search because there are so many different types. You can use sites like drakorindo, dramacute, dramaqu, and other similar sites.


After you read the article above, you can find out the synopsis of Sweet and Sour, broadcast schedule, and we also provide a link to watch sweet and sour Indonesian sub on Netflix for those of you who are looking for it.

Thus the article about Sweet and Sour Indo Sub on Netflix, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you, enjoy trying and watching.

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