Pipeline 2021 Korean Movie with Indo Sub

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After that, at the end of July this year, production on Pipeline started, and it was finished at the end of November the same year. The original idea for Pipeline was to be released in 2020. However, due to the consequences of the pandemic, the film's premiere was postponed for a year.

This film was released in South Korea on May 26 2021. However, in Indonesia it will only officially premiere on June 25 2021. In this film, Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk are being hotly debated by netizens because of their roles in "Doom Is Ready to Serve You". ”. In this Papeline film, the two will face each other again.

Pipeline 2021 Movie Details

The piperline is not only important to Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk, but also to the director, Yu Ha. This film is also Yu Ha's first attempt as a director after a hiatus of 6 years since his previous film, Gangnam Blues. Yu Ha is not only the director, but he also wrote the screenplay for the film Pipeline.

Pipeline 2021 Movie Details

  1. Title: Pipelines
  2. Korean Title: 파이프라인/ Paipeulain
  3. Genre: Action, Crime, Adventure
  4. Country: South Korea
  5. Director: Yu Ha
  6. Screenwriter: Yu Ha
  7. Producer: Kim Kyung Chan
  8. Production House: Megabox Plus M, Little Big Pictures
  9. Duration: 1 hour 48 minutes
  10. Release Date: May 26, 2021

A large number of actors and actresses take on the roles of many characters in the story. These actors and actresses include:

Supporting Cast: Bae Yoo-Ram as Man-Sik, Kim Min-Kyung as Hyun Soon, Kim Yeon-Kyo as Section Chief Na's daughter, Yong Jin as straw subordinate, Kim Seung-Hyung as Patrol team leader

Synopsis Film Pipeline 2021

Drilling pipes are used in Korea's biggest oil heist, which is the subject of this film. Gun-Woo (Lee Soo-Hyuk) is a young and beautiful man. He comes from a wealthy family and owns a large oil refining company.

But Gun-Woo actually made a plan to carry out the theft of oil buried in underground tunnels and it's in South Korea. The country's main arteries are connected by more than 1,200 kilometers of pipes.

In 30 days, He should be able to pull off the impossible robbery by digging a channel from Honam to the Seoul Busan highway. To get the job done, He creates a team of knowledgeable and specialists in their field.

The top drilling technician in South Korea is Pin Dol-Yi (Seo In-Guk). Others they work with include Eum Moon-Suk as Jeop Sae, Yoo Seung-Mok as Section Chief Na, and Tae Hang-Ho as Geun Sab (Bae Da-Bin). Meanwhile Man-Sik (Bae Yoo-Ram) is a senior detective who is hunting down a group of robbers.

Watch link on iQIYI

After reading the description above, you can immediately watch Pipeline (2021) online via the iQIYI website. To achieve this, you can follow the procedure below:

  1. To use a Smartphone, you need to download the iQIYI program
  2. For those of you who want to watch it on a laptop or computer, you can use a browser
  3. To watch Pipeline on iQIYI, click Pipeline (2021)-iQIYI

Watch link on Telegram

For those of you who have trouble finding a streaming link for the Indo Papeline Film (2021). The answer is that you can watch it using the Telegram program. Application it always offers what we need as long as someone shares it.

If you have found it, of course, all you have to do is download it until it's finished and watch the movie right away, simple isn't it. Because with this Telegram program we can transfer very large files. To watch it on Telegram, click Pipeline (2021)-Telegram.


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