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Restrictions on social mobility at this time make many netizens turn to the internet for fun. Watching or streaming movies has become quite popular in recent years.

Yep, given the current state of the epidemic, the movie business doesn't seem to be sleeping. More and more movies are available to watch for free on streaming services.

Even so, in fact, not all the films you are looking for are the latest releases. Even old films are now much sought after by netizens. Especially since the trend started to watch movies on Telegram where you can watch them for free.

The Monster Giant Lycan Movie is now one of the most sought-after films. If you are curious and want to watch it, that's fine as long as there is reading material.

Movie Monster Giant Lycan Movie

The Chinese sci-fi film Monster Giant Lycan is a much loved film. This film revolves around the search for monster-like fossils in the Mongolian region.

Although many are hunting for it under the moniker Monster Giant Lycan Movie, in fact this film has the real name Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe. This 2015 Chinese film directed by Lu Chuan is based on Zhang Muye's novel Ghost Blows Out the Light and has been released in China since then.

Even though it's not the newest film anymore, it seems that this film has been in the spotlight of many netizens for some time.

The initial plot of the main character's adventure quest occurs when he digs a hole in which there are fossils. But suddenly there was an explosion and the adventure began to find the cause of the explosion.

Synopsis Monster Giant Lycan Movie

The main characters of this adventure film are a group led by a scientist named Professor Yang (Wang Qingxiang), his daughter, Yang Ping (Yao Chen), and the worker who has fallen in love with him, Hu Baby (Mark Chao).

They first came to visit the fossils that had been found in Mongolia. However, as they dug further, a large number of strange artifacts and beasts appeared before them.

Ancient fossils such as dragons, blue bats, and other unusual animals hid there, but they escaped as soon as the party entered.

After being surprised by the strange monster's arrival, the party of adventurers became curious and followed it. But for a moment as they chased the monster deeper, they reached a strange place.

This interesting site is a demon pagoda and many wild beasts also live nearby. Finally, the curious professor was surprised to open the demon pagoda's gate, and when he did, thousands of hearts were released into the cave.

When one of the employees realizes they are in danger, he closes the portal once more, and a swarm of blue bats attacks them. As they prepare to flee, they are suddenly confronted by a terrifying giant and a horde of other strange animals.

The search continues to find the demonic tribe living there. In fact, it's fun to watch the film's many subplots. However, the plot presented does not follow a common thread but introduces many new stories.

Viewers may become disoriented as a result of the various storylines, many of which make no sense or don't connect. For example, the demon tribe considers one of the workers as the chosen one, despite the fact that they don't know why.

This is a real negative of the film and leaves the audience even more confused as there is no explanation for an event. Even so, in fact many netizens are hunting for links to watch this Monster Giant Lycan film.

Streaming Film Monster Giant Lycan Movie

You can watch this film directly through the Amazon Prime streaming service. The Amazon Prime site itself is an online movie streaming service owned by the giant company Amazon. This film has been officially distributed on the Amazon Prime service.

If you watch the film on the official website, you will see that indirectly the film gives appreciation and appreciation to the producer himself.

Now for a decent viewing experience, you can do it on application. The Amazon Prime application itself can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store or App store for free.

If it's installed, you can immediately launch the program and search for this giant lycan monster movie with its original name, Mark Chao's Ghostly Tribe Chronicles.

Link Monster Giant Lycan Movie Telegram

So, as usual, the trend of watching movies on Telegram is certainly a trend, right? This is because by using Telegram we can download movies and watch them for free without having to pay for a service package or membership first.

However, you should be aware that using Telegram to watch movies is a crime. This is due to the fact that the film was not initially available on Telegram.

There is only that you follow a group and there is an admin or other user who uploads it on Telegram, to access this film on Telegram.

But once again we warn that watching movies through Telgram is prohibited. Because we indirectly help filmmakers when we watch movies on official services, we always support them.


In the article above, we have provided information about the monster giant lycan film, synopsis, streaming links, and also links to watch on Telegram.

Thus the article about Watching Monster Giant Lycan on Telegram, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you, enjoy watching.

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