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Squid Game is a Netflix Korean drama series that many drama lovers have been waiting for. Yes, this drama has even become a topic of conversation on Tiktok.

This Korean drama series must be included in the list of Korean dramas that you must watch. This series is perfect for you to watch to accompany you at home during this epidemic.

Synopsis Squid Game

Below, besides being able to find the link to watch Squid Game, you can also find out about the Squid Game synopsis and some of the players.

Synopsis Squid Game

The first episode of the next Korean drama, namely Squid Game will air on September 17, 2021, and is expected to last nine episodes in total. The plot of this particular play, on the other hand, is a mystery.

Showing 456 people who woke up in green uniforms in front of a group of police in red sportswear and wearing masks and pointing guns.

Participants in the game are informed via broadcast that they are all individuals who owe money but are unable to pay it back.

But if they can win this game, they will collect a total of 456 million Won. As the game progresses, Ki-Hoon (Lee Jong Jae), a broke and delinquent guy among the players, becomes more scared and angry after learning that many players have previously been killed in front of other players after they lost.

Unless there is no other choice but to continue playing, because running away or refusing to get involved in the game means death.

Some of the bodies of the participants who died were observed to be placed in coffins with pink ribbons, making the atmosphere of the competition even more tense.

Squid Game Player Profile

Below are several player profiles from Squid Game, as follows:

1. Lee Jung Jae

Lee Jung Jae is a South Korean actor who was born in Seoul in 1973. He started his career as a model in 1993 and then became an actor in his first film entitled The Young Man.

Lee Jung Jae is quite famous in South Korea, he has even been named by Forbes Korea as the most influential actor at number 24.

Lee Jung Jae

In the drama Squid Game, Lee Jung Jae plays the character Song Ki Hoon. Ki Hoon is a 47 year old father who has a 10 year old daughter. After divorcing from his wife, Ki Hoon lives with his elderly mother.

Previously, Ki Hoon worked at Dragon Motors as part of the assembly team, but quit 10 years ago after the company underwent a restructuring.

To make a living with his ex-wife, Ki Hoon tries to open a fried chicken restaurant and snack shop, but the business fails.

Apart from being unemployed, Ki Hoon also has a hobby of gambling and is involved in debts of 160 million won to moneylenders and 255 million won to banks.

Due to his difficult economic situation, Ki Hoon finally joins the Squid Game to make money. However, he decided to quit and come back because his mother needed treatment.

2. Park Hae Soo

Park Hae Soo is an actor born November 21, 1981, who is a drama player in Squid Game and plays Sang Woo.

Apart from his role in Squid Game, he also appeared in the drama Prison Playbook, the Korean version of Money Heist, and several other films and series.

Sang Woo is Ki Hoon's close friend since childhood and is quite famous in Ssangmun-dong for his intelligence.

He managed to enter a prestigious university in Korea, namely Seoul National University, majoring in business administration. However, behind his smarts, Sang Woo is involved in difficult financial problems.

As a former team head at Joy Investment, Sang Woo was involved in embezzling his client's funds to invest in derivative stocks with futures contracts, but the plan failed and he had to bear a loss of 650 million won with a total personal debt of 6 billion won. In the Squid Game, Sang Woo has serial number 218.

When he had to choose between continuing the game or stopping, Sang Woo chose to continue because he needed the money.

However, because the voting results indicated that the game should be stopped, he returned to his normal life and attempted suicide because he was unable to bear the burden of his life.

Because of a very large debt, he guarantees his mother's shop without her knowledge. Not finding a way out, he decided to return to playing the Squid Game and go through various challenges with his intelligence and intelligence.

Sang Woo is actually a generous and helpful person, but because the situation in the Squid Game only demands one winner, this game changes and reveals Sang Woo's true nature.

3. Oh Young Soo

Oh Young Soo is a South Korean actor who plays the character Oh Il Nam in the drama Squid Game. He is the oldest contestant with serial number 001.

Despite his old age, he still participates in the Squid Game due to a brain tumor.

Oh Young Soo

Oh Il Nam felt that he had lost nothing even though he lost in the Squid Game because the doctor had sentenced him to not live long because of his cancer.

His health condition makes Ki Hoon feel sympathy for him and decides to stay by his side until the game ends.

However, in a match, the two of them must face each other as opponents and play marbles. Ki Hoon feels desperate and cheated in order to win.

However, in the end, Oh Il Nam finds out about Ki Hoon's underhanded actions and chooses to give in, allowing Ki Hoon to win.

The character Oh Il Nam is not just an ordinary grandfather because he keeps an important secret.

4. Anupam Tripathi

Anupam Tripathi is one of the actors in the drama Squid Game which is quite striking and attracts attention. He is the only foreigner who plays in the drama.

Even though he is a foreigner, his acting skills and ability to speak Korean are no less great.

As an actor, he has starred in several films such as The 8 Night, Space Sweepers, and Miss & Mrs. Cops, as well as several other television series as supporting roles.

In the drama Squid Game, Anupam plays the character Ali Abdul, and thanks to his acting skills, he is instantly popular.

Ali Abdul is an illegal worker in South Korea who comes from Pakistan and hopes to improve his life in Korea.

Ali did not come alone, he brought his wife and child with him. But unfortunately, Ali's fate did not match his expectations, because the salary he was supposed to get was never given to him.

Frustrated, Ali continues to pressure his boss to pay his wages, but instead he destroys his boss's belongings.

Finally, Ali joins the Squid Game hoping to bring home some money for the children and wife who are left at home.

As a foreigner, Ali Abdul has difficulty understanding Squid Game, because this game is a Korean children's game in the past which he certainly doesn't know.

However, fortunately, Ali gets a lot of help from Sang Woo and he continues to follow Sang Woo to work together to get out of the Squid Game arena together.

5. Jung Ho Yeon

One of the Squid Game cast that caught the attention of netizens was Jung Ho Yeon. Apart from his stunning acting, the character played by Jung Ho Yeon is also quite charming.

Jung Ho Yeon

Actually Jung Ho Yeon is a model and Vogue magazine called him “Korea's Next Top Model”.

As a model, she has demonstrated for many well-known fashion brands such as Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and other brands.

In the drama Squid Game, Jung Ho Yeon plays the character Kang Sae Byeok. Sae Byeok is contestant number 067, an illegal immigrant from North Korea who fled to South Korea with his family.

But during the escape, his father was killed and his mother was arrested and returned to North Korea. Sae Byeok and his younger brother managed to escape.

In South Korea, Sae Byeok cannot live the life he dreams of. He had to work to support his younger sibling and tried to move his mother to South Korea. To achieve this goal, Sae Byeok leaves his younger sibling at an orphanage.

In Squid Game, Sae Byeok always stays away from the other participants because his goal is clear: win, earn money, and reunite with his mother and younger brother. He also dreams of owning a house in South Korea and visiting Jeju Island.

Even though he has to do anything to get money, such as stealing Ki Hoon's money, Sae Byeok remains tough, strong, and doesn't give up easily.

6. Heo Sung Tae

Heo Sung Tae is a senior actor who often appears in South Korean films and dramas as an annoying antagonist and makes it difficult for the audience.

Before appearing in the drama Squid Game, he appeared in the drama Beyond Evil as a cunning contractor businessman. In Squid Game, he plays Jang Deok Su.

Jang Deok Su is a mafia or gangster who is being hunted by many people because of embezzlement and betrayal.

As a criminal, Jang Deok Su does not hesitate to commit any crime to win the Squid Game.

Because there are no rules against it, Jang Deok Su is free to beat and even kill the other participants. He even manipulated other participants to starve or suffer bad luck.

7. Wi Ha Joon

Wi Ha Joon is a new actor in South Korea, but his acting skills deserve a thumbs up. He has starred in several films and television series, including in the drama Squid Game.

Wi Ha Joon

In Squid Game, Wi Ha Joon plays Hwang Jun Ho, a policeman who is looking for his missing biological brother who disguises himself as a staff member to enter the Squid Game.

In his quest to find his older brother, Jun Ho unravels the mystery behind the game and also finds out where his older brother is.

8. Kim Joo Ryoung

In the drama Squid Game, Kim Joo Ryoung plays Han Mi Nyeo. His character steals attention because of his cunning and manipulative style of speech.

Even though many of the contestants wanted nothing to do with her, Han Mi Nyeo managed to beat several challenges and even sacrificed herself.

Initially, she claimed to be a mother who had just given birth and had yet to name her baby. However, this is just a lie. He does everything possible to win, even if it means behaving in an inappropriate manner.

Link to Watch Squid Game Telegram

For those of you who are interested in watching Korean drama Squid Game, you can easily watch it through the Netfix application.

But to watch Squid Game on Netflix you have to register an account and subscribe to it application Netflix, to download it you can download via the link we have provided below:

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