5 Interesting Facts about the film Dear Nathan Thank You Salma, Shows Today

Rancakmedia.com – The film Dear Nathan Thank You Salma will be released in theaters on Thursday, January 13, 2022. Jefri Nichol and Amanda Rawles are friends in a film that has many interesting things in it.

From the end of the dear nathan trilogy to the film's narrative, there's nothing you can miss before seeing the film. The end of the dear nathan trilogy. Dear Nathan Thank You Salma. Salma is the third part of the dear nathan trilogy.

The previous storyline ended in this segment. The previous films were Dear Nathan and Dear Nathan: Hello Salma. This film is taken from three books with the same title by Erischa Febriana.

“As the closing series, I want this series to give a really good impression to readers, to viewers, everyone,” said Erischa Febriana at XXI Epicentrum, Thursday (6/1/2022).

Interesting Facts From the Movie Dear Nathan: Thank You Salma

Dear nathan: thank you salma for premiering on Thursday (6/1/2022) find out some interesting facts before watching in theaters in the following article.

Raising the Issue of Sexual Violence

Not only about the love of Nathan and Salma, the film Dear Nathan: Thank You Salma also raises the issue of sexual violence.

It's important to raise personal issues with the writer, who is still a teenager, and Nathan and Salma.

Erischa said that films and songs are very good media to convey messages, one of which is about the issue of sexual violence.

“I think this is a very important issue to be discussed at this time. Moreover, films and songs are good media to convey messages but don't seem patronizing," he said.

Light packing problem

Raising the issue of sexual harassment, Erischa framed it in the dispute between Nathan and Salma as a platform to convey messages. Thus, it will be easier to understand the problem of sexual harassment.

"Actually, from my own friends, if the focus is on sexual harassment, they are not interested because it is hard for them," Erischa admitted.

"Finally, I added Nathan and Salma's spices and the issue of sexual harassment as part of Nathan and Salma's conflict," he said.

Producing the film as an executive producer dear nathan: thank you salma. Sunil Soraya stated that this film tries to convey a social message with a controlled commercial aspect.

"Still, the audience has to have romance, it's emotional, because that's Dear Nathan's treatment. So we still keep all of that, "said Sunil Soraya.

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