4 Latest Indonesian Films in Cinemas in January

Rancakmedia.com – The latest exciting Indonesian films are ready to hit theaters in January 2022. Dear Nathan, is a love drama from Indonesia. Dear nathan thank you salma for showing in theaters today.

Famous actors and actresses will star in romance films about first, second and third loves in January 2022. Apart from that, there is a film called just mom from Hanung Bramantyo.

So, those are the latest Indonesian films that will be broadcast in January 2022. Look forward to the latest Indonesian films that have a variety of interesting plots and characters ready to captivate you.

First, Second & Third Love

This is one of the Indonesian love films that always attracts people's attention. The first, second & third love films include famous actors Anga Yunanda, Putri Marino, Slamet Rahardjo, and Ira Wibowo.

Gina S. Noer directed the First, Second, and Third Love films. This Indonesian romantic film tells the story of a king and Asia who set aside their goals to focus on taking care of their respective parents.

Their parents meet and end up having a love affair. King and love were sacrificed for the sake of their parents but finally a sentiment of love emerged between them both.

First, second & third love movie will be released on 6th january 2022 in theaters. If you want to know how synopsis of the first, second and third love films read in the following article.

Dear Nathan Thank You Salma

Dear nathan thank you salma, salma is the latest Indonesian film from clean films and scripted films. Amanda Rawles, Jefri Nicol, and Arditho Pramono all appear in the latest Indonesian films.

Greetings, Nathan! Thank you, Salma's film, directed by Kuntz Agus, is about a couple torn apart by busy schedules and geographical distances. Nathan became an active campus activist.

During natha's absence, salma developed a strong relationship with afkar, with whom she shared many interests and a worldview with which she could identify more easily.

Afkar, Nathan, and Salma's love story is sure to be heartwarming. You want to know interesting facts about the movie Dear Nathan Thank You Salma? This film will be released in theaters on January 13, 2022.

Ben & Jody

According to the preview, the story of Ben & Jody's latest Indonesian film is much different from previous films. Angga Dwimas Sasongko is the director and writer of the latest Indonesian film, which will be released in January.

Ben (Chicco Jerikho) and Jody (Rio Dewanto) meet Rinjani (Hana P. Malasan), Tambora (Aghniny Haque), Jag (Reza Hilman), and Weasel (Aghniny Haque) in this Indonesian film. Ben (muzakki ramdhan).

Ben and Jody find themselves amidst problems and experiences they have never encountered before. This new problem even put their lives in danger. The film Ben & Jody will be released on January 27, 2022 in Indonesian cinemas.

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