Interesting Facts on the All of Us Are Dead Series that Shows on Netflix – A new South Korean television series, titled Serial All of Us Are Dead, will premiere on Netflix in late January 2022, in the Netflix thriller genre about a zombie attack.

When a zombie attack occurs in a school, it is called “We're All Dead” in the story series. The zombie attack forces school students to fight for their lives.

They must take precautions to avoid being infected with the zombie virus, which will turn them into terrible monsters.

Some Interesting Facts About All of Us Are Dead

Of course, All of Us Are Dead provides a new zombie attack story. Some fun facts about All of Us Are Dead before you see it in 2022 in late January

Some Interesting Facts About All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead Adaptation of Webtoon

All of Us Are Dead is a series based on the famous Webtoon. The webtoon is Joo Dong-work geun's which is widely read on online reading sites.

The script also has the same title as the series that will air on Netflix.

The story taken in the Webtoon All of Us Are Dead is about a group of high school students who are locked in a school building.

In the school building suddenly appeared a zombie attack.

Starring famous actress actors

In addition, it will feature famous actors and actresses besides being based on well-known webtoon stories.

Lim Jae-hyeok, Park Ji-hu, Lee You-Mi, Yoon Chan-young, Yoo In-soo, Choi Yi-hyun, and Lomon are all cast.

Director Lee JQ will also be working with writer Chun Sung-il on the All of Us Are Dead series.

All of Us Are Dead Tells about a zombie attack on a school

All of Us Are Dead teased an upcoming broadcast with a new trailer. The uneasy horrors of chaos envelop the school in this teaser.

An atmosphere of horror and chaos is generated due to a zombie attack that suddenly erupted in the school. A fierce battle begins between the students who have turned into zombies and those who are trying to escape.

Stories About Students vs Zombies

All of Us Are Dead centers on the conflict between students locked in a school building and zombies who suddenly attack. A zombie virus suddenly attacked a group of high school students who were locked up in their school.

Some students become zombies because they are infected with the zombie virus. Those who have not been infected with the virus must fight against zombies to stay alive.

A mystery zombie virus that infects a number of students in various places in the school provides a dramatic sequence.

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