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How to Download Videos on Shopee – Read the information below to find out the tutorial for downloading videos on Shopee as well as the benefits, terms and also questions and answers regarding Shopee information. If you want to get the latest information, please read this article, thank you.

Of course use Shopee app already familiar to some people. Because this online shopping application offers many benefits for its users.

It includes free shipping services for every account user who shops online and even offers many attractive promotions. You can not only buy but also open a shop on Shopee via cellphone to sell easily.

Of course, if you talk about Shopee, you are already familiar with the product videos offered by sellers. Where Shopee videos are often sought after by buyers who are also dropshippers or resellers of a product.

As a dropshipper or reseller who brings products from Shopee to other platforms for resale, of course you need a lot of promotional material such as product photos, testimonials and product review videos.

Have you ever been confused about how to record a video on Shopee to repost as promotional material? Don't worry, this article will tell you how to do it.

To get the video you have to download it first. So, do you know how to download videos from the Shopee application? If not, in this discussion we will tell you how to download or save it to the gallery.

What is Shopee Video

As technology advances rapidly, Shopee continues to innovate to be better than just e-commerce. Shopee continues to introduce new features that can pamper all application users. Recently, Shopee introduced a new feature called Shopee Video.

Shopee Video is the newest feature on Shopee which aims to provide a place for Shopee users to connect with other people.

With Shopee Video we can watch videos as viewers or make videos as creators. Shopee Videos can be accessed by all users from the Shopee Video menu on the main page of the Shopee application.

In this new Shopee feature, we can do various things, for example Follow, Like, Comment and Share. We can follow our favorite creators by selecting the plus sign (+) on the creator's profile.

Apart from that, we can also like videos by selecting the heart icon or comment by selecting the comment icon.

Now to share the video we can select the share icon and then choose whether we want to share it with other people or on social media.

The initial appearance of the Shopee video feature was intended to be generally similar to the TikTok application in appearance and function.

However, Shopee Video is a feature that is very popular with its users who are looking for entertainment other than shopping.

How to Make Videos on Shopee Video

There are many ways that each seller can do on the Shopee online shopping platform, this aims to ensure that the products being sold are in demand from many users. Apart from free shipping or cashback promotions, it turns out there are other surefire ways you can do this.

This method is also said to be able to increase product sales, because the presence of product videos convinces buyers more. So not just product photos, videos allow potential buyers to see details of the product they want to buy.

In general, from many people's experiences selling online on Shopee, they get many benefits starting from increased exposure and the number of shop followers which also increases and what is even more interesting, uploading videos to Shopee is very easy because it can be done via cellphone or via PC.

Also, when uploading product videos to Shopee, it is important to know the size of the video so that it does not break later after a successful release, so as not to disappoint anyone who wants to watch it. Because only a few people use it, it's not surprising that many sellers don't know how to download and upload it.

Things like that are actually not a big problem because in this article they will be explained in detail. OK, please read the explanation that we have prepared as follows.

Benefits of Uploading Product Videos to Shopee

Before we move on to the main discussion, let's first discuss the benefits of uploading product videos to Shopee. We will explain a little about the benefits of uploading product videos to Shopee below.

The definite benefit is of course increasing the number of product sellers and the activity of visitors to your shop and then increasing the number of followers in the shop. Apart from that, there are many other benefits that you can clearly feel afterwards.

Create a Shopping Experience with Shopee Product Videos

Photos alone are not enough to increase store visitors, because buyers basically want more real information. What's more real than using product photos?

Traders generally focus more on good photos. But the fact is that buyers generally prefer good product videos. Like conventional advertising media, TV spots are more attractive than newspaper advertisements.

Surveys show that sellers who use video as a product visualization method receive more attention. Along with fame, stores also tend to gain more followers, which means engagement with the store is also better.

Types of Product Videos

There are various ways to present your product in video form. In general, these two types of product videos are useful for attracting potential buyers and clarifying the true picture of your product.

Product Description

Show off your product features and details by recording videos from various angles, including close-ups. This type of video is suitable for beauty products, clothing, jewelry or items made from certain materials such as leather.

You can also show off the quality and benefits of your products, for example the flexibility of a silicone phone case or the quality of a waterproof make-up product. Apart from that, you must use the Shopee PNG image or Shopee Express image photo format.

Product Demonstration

Show buyers how to use your product by creating a simple product video. You can make a step-by-step product video, for example how to open and close an automatic umbrella correctly.

By including a product demonstration video, buyers can clearly see how your product works and are more likely to leave a good product review.

When creating product videos, try to put yourself in the buyer's shoes and think about what you want to know about a product before you buy it.

Shopee Video Download Terms

Apart from the advantages and benefits above, you also need to know the terms and conditions so that the process of downloading or saving videos on Shopee can run smoothly. Some of these conditions include:

When downloading videos via an app, you need an additional downloader app first (for example, you can use a download manager, video downloader, etc.)

Then make sure the internet connection you are using is functioning smoothly. There is storage space on the phone to save videos. Because each video has a different capacity.

How to Upload Videos to Shopee

Let's assume here that the video is already available according to the above requirements. Therefore, continue with this method, for more details see directly as follows.

Select Menu Add product

First you need to open the Shopee application, then select the my menu then click shop, after that just select the add product menu.

Tap Add Photo

In general, the method is exactly the same as uploading a new product, so click Add photo in the special column.

Click Add Photo or Video

Then click add photo or video, after that just upload it and so far you have done it successfully.

How to Download Shopee Videos?

As of 2021, Indonesia recorded online business revenue of US$14,47 billion, this figure is 20% of total GDP. In fact, Bank Indonesia predicts that transactions from the e-commerce business model in Indonesia have the potential to reach IDR 530 trillion in 2022.

These extrapolation results prove that the development of the online shop business in Indonesia is increasingly promising. Many people try to run an online business, either as a side income or even as a main job.

With the increasing number of layoffs (PHK) following the pandemic that has hit Indonesia from 2020 until now, it is not surprising that opening an online business is an option that offers greater opportunities than just waiting for an interview call.

As a rule, those with a lot of capital quickly become producers or at least first-hand suppliers, taking products from factories and then redistributing them.

Those who do not have large capital usually choose to start a business by becoming a reseller or dropshipper. If we talk about direct mail in particular, it definitely requires more video and photo content to be used as promotional material.

If you follow the old system where dropshippers are divided into groups and then given catalogs and promotional materials, there is no problem.

However, now many buying and selling activities have shifted to marketplaces, one of which is the successful marketplace in Indonesia, namely Shopee. Since Shopee was founded in 2015 until now, many updates have been made and of course contribute to a good consumer shopping experience.

Sellers now also have the opportunity to present their high-quality products in photo and video formats. You all know how to save videos on Shopee because the method is not much different from saving videos from other applications.

So how do you download videos uploaded by suppliers for dropshippers to use as promotional materials? Downloading videos from the Shopee application is actually quite simple and can be done in two ways, namely:

  1. Use of third party applications.
  2. Without using third party applications.

Shopee Video Downloader application

One way to download videos from Shopee is to use the Shopee Video Downloader application. The steps are as follows:

  1. First download the Shopee Video Downloader application.
  2. Open the Shopee app.
  3. Find the video you want to download.
  4. From the Share options, select Link.
  5. Open a browser on your laptop or PC (preferably with Google Chrome).
  6. Paste the copied Shopee video link into the Google Chrome web box and then press Enter.
  7. Click Enlarge Screen.
  8. Then click on the three dots in the bottom right corner.
  9. Click Download and wait for the download process to complete.
  10. Videos are saved in a folder or gallery.

Shopee video downloader is a connection application on a PC or laptop that allows you to download Shopee PC videos that have been uploaded to your Shopee account. The operation is also very simple, you just need to make sure your cellphone is connected to an adequate internet service.

Without Video Downloader Application

If you are worried about installing applications on electronic devices such as PCs and laptops, apart from Shopee Downloader, you can also download videos on Shopee via cellphone without using any additional applications. The download steps are almost the same as on a PC, namely:

  1. Open the Shopee app.
  2. Find the product video you want to download.
  3. Click Share and select Copy Link.
  4. Copy the copied link and paste it into Chrome browser.
  5. Click Play Video.
  6. Then click the Magnify Screen option.
  7. Click the vertical icon with three dots in the bottom right corner.
  8. Click Download.
  9. The video will be saved in the phone gallery.

In practice they are actually the same. It's just that downloading Shopee videos via PC requires a third-party application. Meanwhile, to download from your cellphone, just copy and paste the link into your browser.

Benefits of Downloading Shopee Videos

Some of the advantages of downloading videos on Shopee for dropshippers and resellers are:

  1. Provides insight into the details of the products being sold.
  2. Makes it easier for resellers and dropshippers to run promotions.
  3. Increase the credibility of dropshippers and resellers.

From this it can be seen that the existence of media such as video has a big influence on potential consumers' purchasing decisions. However, online buying and selling systems are still very susceptible to bad shopping experiences because consumers buy like pigs in a poke.

The presence of product videos, whether in the form of reviews from other people or unboxings and detailed previews from sellers, can provide an accurate picture of what the product that potential consumers will buy will look like. This, of course, increases the likelihood that buyers will make a purchasing decision.

Shopee Video Size for Upload

Shopee video size? Apart from that, if you want to upload product videos, you need to know that there are terms and conditions for the videos to be uploaded. If you are curious about everything, please look directly as follows:

  1. Duration: 10-60 seconds.
  2. Format: MP4.
  3. Size: max 30MB.
  4. Resolution: max. 1280 x 1280 pixels.


The following is a question and answer session that we will review, see below for details:

Can you earn money by watching videos on Shopee?

When you publish a video on Video Shopee, you can get Rp. 500 bonus per video and Rp. 200 bonus for every 10 likes of our videos. The last way is to watch videos. We can get a bonus of IDR 600 for watching 30 minutes of video.

Why Can't You Upload Videos to Shopee?

If you are having problems uploading photos or videos to the Shopee application, you may not have given the Shopee application permission to access the photos on your cellphone.


Shopee Video is the newest feature from Shopee which aims to provide a platform for Shopee users to connect with other people. Users can watch videos as a viewer or create videos as a creator.

To share a video we can select the share icon and then choose whether we want to share it with other people or on social media. An effective way to increase sales is to upload videos of your products on Shopee. If you want to know the information, please read from start to finish, thank you.

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