Disadvantages of Microsoft Word that Not Many People Know

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Disadvantages of Microsoft Word are

Rancakmedia.com – The following is an explanation of the shortcomings of Microsoft Word that you may not have known about. Microsoft Word is a contemporary word processing tool or word processor introduced by Microsoft. Come on, look at the article below.

The main purpose Microsoft Word is to enable users to quickly and simply write various types of documents, including scientific papers, program documents, and school assignments.

More than that, we will also explain an overview of the history of Microsoft Word, the features and uses of Microsoft Word, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Word.

By utilizing Microsoft Word, of course, you can produce various types of papers effectively and not spend extra energy writing on paper.

Microsoft Word is a new invention for producing documents quickly and quickly, then MS Word is also equipped with printing or document printing capabilities to help users print documents.

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A Brief History of Microsoft Word

On October 23, 1983, the first Microsoft Word program became available to the public. In that year the word processing program Microsoft Word is known as Multi-Tool Word which can only be used on the Xenix operating system.

Along with the rapid progress of technology, Multi-Tool Word chose to join the Microsoft Office System 2003. Therefore, Microsoft Word was born in 2007 from the rebranding of the multi-tool word program. The program is compatible with Windows and Mac OS, of course.

Microsoft Word Functions

Microsoft's preferred product, currently widely used. Microsoft Word program undoubtedly has a wide range of features and purposes provided to its customers. Therefore, below are the purposes and functions of Microsoft Word that you need to know:

  1. Write research articles for academic journals.
  2. Save documents at a smaller size and in a different format.
  3. Produce papers for communication used formally and non-officially.
  4. Can be used to edit and write PDF format documents.
  5. Make as much printing paper as you want.
  6. More effective in reducing time when completing tasks.
  7. Facilitates word management and administrative issues as well as those related to the performance of other duties.
  8. Create document files more accurately and quickly.
  9. Save money and make use of paper in the long run.
  10. Saves user time and energy at the same time.
  11. Errors in the paper should be minimized.
  12. Create variants of writing with varying formats to make it more interesting.
  13. Useful in creating typography.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Word

Despite the fact that this kind of word processing program can be considered perfect, there are advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Word that you should know to improve your skills. Among them:

Advantages of Microsoft Word

  1. Display that is easy to interpret for beginners (user friendly).
  2. The MS Word program is equipped with basic capabilities for creating documents.
  3. Various revisions are released periodically, each adding additional features and increasing complexity.
  4. Can save files in various formats that can be accessed using the save as function.
  5. There is now a reference menu in MS Word 2007, which was not included in MS Word 2003. Creating bibliography, indexes or other lists is easy thanks to this menu.
  6. Insert menus, clipart menus, insert menus, and other menus all have slightly larger menu sizes to make them more visually appealing.
  7. It has an Office Button feature or an office button in the top left corner of the program, which is mostly used to switch between file menu functions.
  8. Users who are familiar with script settings will find it easier to use them to read files from all different versions of Microsoft Word.
  9. Current versions of Microsoft Word now feature faster loading than previous versions, then additional writing styles or fonts are introduced and updated and file sizes are reduced.
  10. There is a smartart menu, which has a collection of ready-to-use, free and easy-to-use document templates.
  11. Can place image files in the document you want to produce.
  12. There is a Quick Access Toolbar menu feature where when the main menu is tapped, many icons will appear, known as ribbons.
  13. To avoid blocking the worksheet you are trying to create, the toolbar is positioned vertically.
  14. In the Title Bar section, it can be accessed at the top center of the program which has 7 main menus and looks quite easier than previous versions of MS Word.
  15. There is a preview of the page settings for each existing icon, such as when the user drags the mouse closer to the selected icon.
  16. Multiple.Net component support, web for better mobility, and a new design that combines basic desktop publishing tools and emphasizes user requests.
  17. There is a feature menu for running equations that are used to write appropriate formulas.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Word

  1. Microsoft Word is a type of software that has a premium license or its use is not free
  2. Each new version has improved performance, but this has little effect for desktops or laptops running Windows with modest requirements.
  3. It always has the latest version from time to time, so if users want to use the latest MS Word, you must first change the specifications of the laptop or computer you want to use.
  4. At least you have to use the Windows XP SP2 operating system, for this it seems you don't need to worry because most computer or laptop devices currently use at least Windows 7 OS.
  5. It takes time for the system adjustment process, this is because Microsoft Office is constantly upgrading and has the latest version.
  6. The default file type is .docx which will not be accessible in Microsoft Word 2003. But you can get around this using the save as function.
  7. The size of the Microsoft Word program installer is very large in the latest version, this of course will demand a high quota too.
  8. The specifications of the machine which has a 500 MHz CPU and 512 MB RAM are undoubtedly large enough to run the current version of the Microsoft Word program.
  9. Microsoft Word version 2019 can only be used on Windows 10 and 8, if below this version of Windows it cannot be installed and used.
  10. The license installation procedure is quite complicated and time consuming, which will certainly make it difficult for consumers if they are not used to it. However, this does not apply to people who already understand and are pirate users.


The following are questions and answers about Microsoft Word, including:

What are the functions of Microsoft Word?

Creating Documents The Microsoft Word program is used to produce documents that can be printed on various paper sizes.

Editing Documents The Microsoft Word program can be used to modify other documents, both documents written from the Microsoft Word application itself or from other word processing software.

Formatting Microsoft Word Documents allows users to produce more professional documents with a variety of document types. For example, paper size, font type, font color, footnotes, numbering, and even mathematical formulas.

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What's in Microsoft Word?

  1. Quick Access Toolbar: This icon is located in the top left corner. This symbol aims to make it easier for users to access commands that are realistically frequently used, such as save, undo, rudo, etc.
  2. Title Bar: This feature is important for displaying the name or title of the "Document". This section is positioned at the top center of the word sheet.
  3. Page Status: Provides to show how many pages, words and language are used. This section is positioned in the bottom left corner of the word worksheet.
  4. Menu Bar : The purpose of this feature is to be a group of menus that have varying roles for changing settings in the report.
  5. Ribbon Toll: This feature is the “content” of the menu tab, so the icon for each function will be on the ribbon.
  6. Scroll Bar: The small section on the right and bottom of the worksheet that allows you to scroll words up and down.
  7. Zoom Menu: This area is at the bottom right whose purpose is to zoom.
  8. Windows Menu : Minimize to read words in the background, maximize or restore to change word display size are all options.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Word for students?

  1. Makes it easier to complete work.
  2. Improve Computer Understanding.
  3. Helping Students Write Essays.
  4. Creating Documents with Variations.
  5. Adding Images to Documents.
  6. Can create tables.


Microsoft Word is a new invention for producing documents quickly and quickly, then MS Word is also equipped with printing or document printing capabilities to help users print documents.

That's the article about the shortcomings of Microsoft Word, hopefully the information above can be useful and helpful to all of you.

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