The Instagram Story Video Download Application Can Take Photos, Videos and Igtv


The Instagram Story Video Download Application Can Take Photos, Videos and Igtv – To download videos from Instagram or in the form of photos, videos, stories and IGTV, of course you can do it, see this article for information.

Some people are still confused about how to download Instagram (IG) videos simply and quickly. Not only videos, downloading photos, IGTV, and reels on Instagram, there are still many problems.

Even though there is actually an easy and fast way to download videos, IGTV to Instagram reels using an application that can be downloaded for free.

Every active Instagram user should have at least one of the many Instagram video downloading apps available. Instagram or commonly called IG is a social media platform that acts as a connecting supplier for photos and videos sent by loyal accounts that have Instagram installed.

List of Instagram Video Download Applications

Here is the application for download Instagram videos most trusted ones to try this year:


As in previous video downloader software evaluations, let's start this list with the most popular and easy-to-use solutions for all users.

DownloadInstagramVideos is a web-based Instagram video downloader with a very self-explanatory name.

The program works well in all major browsers, although we highly recommend using Chrome. It works like this:

  1. Open Instagram and copy the post URL. Copy the URL from the post menu bar if you are using a web browser. If you're using the smartphone app, press options (the three-dotted line at the top) and select “Copy link.”
  2. To download Instagram videos, go to DownloadInstagramVideos and paste the link into the “Instagram Video URL” area. To continue, you may need to include www. in front of the URL.
  3. Click the option that says, “download Instagram Video.”
  4. Then you may get a preview of your video. To download the file, simply click or tap the link below.
  5. Of course this can be done

You can download Instagram videos quickly and easily using, the next software on our list.

You can also use this tool to download photos without taking a screenshot first. Apart from that, this software also functions as a video downloader from IGTV.

This is similar to DownloadInstagramVideos which allows you to download Instagram videos. Just copy the URL of the Instagram video and put the link in the column. Click the button, and the software will start analyzing the link, and will then download the video you want.

Download the download button below the video to get a preview and make sure you have the video you want.

w3toys Instagram Video Download Application

w3toys is one of the popular sites for downloading Instagram videos (and photos) on the go. Achievable Additional video files of this kind are available for download. Copy the video URL link and download your clip in high quality HD. The video will be saved in MP4 format when downloaded.

To use the download option, you may need to bypass ads. Note if you don't use Google Chrome, you may have to right click and select “Save as”.

Video Downloader – For Instagram Repost App

You can do the following things with the Video Downloader-for Instagram app, a complete Android tool:

  1. download Instagram videos, stories, reels, and IGTV material.
  2. Repost material on your account in just a few steps.
  3. Open Instagram and copy the URL of the post you want to download. Switch to the Video Downloader App, paste the URL in the given space, and download the video content directly to your smartphone.
  4. This application is available on Google Play and has been downloaded more than 50 million times.


InstaOffline is another popular way to download Instagram videos from the web. It uses the same app as the other two.

You can download as many videos, photos, and other materials from IGTV as you like—all you need is a link to the video you want to download.

To download materials using InstaOffline, copy the URL of the video, photo, or IGTV content, and paste it into the form.

You can download as much Instagram content as you like with InstaOffline because it is completely safe.

DownloadGram application Download Instagram Videos

Next on the list is the DownloadGram app, another web-based online service that lets you download Instagram videos as HD quality MP4 files.

To make it easier for people to start downloading Instagram video reels, the website looks simple and has no ads or additional instructions.

Just copy the post from your Instagram account, put it in the space provided, and press the download button.

Note that clicking the URL box can open a new tab that links to another website. Don't worry about the activity. Ignore it, close the tab, go back to the tool, and continue putting the video URL in the Instagram download app.


KeepVid, created by iTubeGo, is a full-featured video capture tool, commonly known as YouTube Video Downloader Software. However, now you can use it to download photos and videos directly to Instagram.

In fact, the program allows you to download videos from more than 1.000 different websites, including Twitter, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and BBC, for some video-on-demand providers. Apart from the online version, you can also download a free trial version for the desktop and laptop versions.

+Download 4 Instagram Twitter

Unlike devices like iPhone, Android OS provides a large number of applications when it comes to downloading Instagram videos. One of them is the Download 4 Instagram and Twitter application.

As you might see from the name, this app also functions as a Twitter video downloader. You can also download videos from Blogger and Tumblr.

Overall, this app is great if you're looking for a fast and simple method to download videos directly to your smartphone.

Downloader for Instagram + DM Direct Message

The Video download extension for Instagram + DM Messages is a must-have if you use Chrome and Instagram on the web.

This program is one of the few that can download Instagram Stories and DMs (Direct Messages), in addition to videos and photos.

In addition, this extension also allows “bulk downloads”, that is, it collects all the files displayed on the Instagram page and saves them as a ZIP file. Each file will be compressed automatically.

This plugin provides a great method for downloading material on the go without having to leave Instagram.

FastSave for Instagram

FastSave for Instagram is another fantastic Instagram video downloader for Android. The app is now accessible on Google Play and has more than 10 million downloads. In just a few easy steps, you can download Instagram photos and videos directly to your smartphone device.

However, according to some user reports, as of now, the app is not running properly on Android. According to reviews, to download Instagram videos, you must first open the FastSave application, copy the URL from Instagram, exit the application, and then reopen it.

This issue is expected to be resolved in a future release. Apart from that, this application is also quite powerful before.


Gramsave is the best Instagram video and photo content downloader application. This is a web-based utility that allows you to download the following files:

  1. Instagram videos can be downloaded.
  2. download Instagram in reel form.
  3. download IG stories
  4. Instagram IGTV content can be downloaded.
  5. We do not approve or endorse private Instagram videos or other materials.
  6. Download Reel Video (latest)

Needless to say, if you want to download almost any material from your Instagram account, Gramsave is the best IGTV, Reel, and Story download app for you to use.

Download Instagram IV Saver Video

IV Saver is an Android application that allows you to download videos and materials from Instagram as well as from IGTV. However, the latest news is that the application has just been removed from Google Play due to violations. You can still download the APK and install it manually on your device.


Last on the list is Regrammer, another web-based application that allows you to download Instagram videos in the highest quality (HD). Copy and paste the video URL link into the “v” area to start the download. Once finished, click the preview button.

The program will then analyze the link, taking you to a new page where you can preview the video. Click the download button below it, and you're ready to go.

Is it Legal to Download Instagram Videos

Unless you have authorization to do so, downloading Instagram videos may land you in trouble for copyright infringement. Assuming you don't want to download videos from Instagram yourself, do it first.

Not only that, if you upload copyrighted content to your account, sooner or later, the item will be immediately deleted. Instagram operates this way.

Before you download any video from Instagram, make sure to ask permission for original content production first. Actually, there are quite a lot of applications for downloading videos, photos and Instagram stories circulating on Google Playstore or the Apple Store.

One of the reasons is the large number of Instagram users and the large access time to this social media site. When downloading videos and photos, users usually have a clear goal.

Starting with saving for a personal collection and moving on to re-sharing to your own Instagram account and other social networking sites. Unfortunately, only a few of the many Instagram video downloading apps actually work effectively.

There are certain fake apps that when downloaded by consumers do not operate at all. Also, a program that allows you to download Instagram videos and photos was found to have malware that damaged phones and tablets.


Instagram is a social media platform that acts as a connecting supplier for photos and videos submitted by loyal accounts. DownloadInstagramVideos is a web-based Instagram video downloader with a very self-explanatory name.

The app works well in all major browsers, although we highly recommend using Chrome. You can download videos, photos and other Instagram content directly to your phone by right-clicking and selecting “Save as”.

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