How to Find Out WiFi Password Without Application


How to Find Out WiFi Password Without Application – To find out the password or WiFi password that you have forgotten easily and without an application, you can follow the method without any hassle in this article, read below to find out the details.

Because in the digital era we are currently facing a serious dilemma with decreasing quotas and increasing demand for search and internet resources. It's understandable that people want to learn how to bypass Wifi restrictions and use the internet for browsing purposes only without having to download any additional apps.

Nowadays, wireless or Wifi networks can of course be easily found in various public facilities, workplaces, cafes, and even private homes. But unfortunately, not all allow free access and encrypt it with a password so that it cannot be seen.

Review for Knowing WiFi Password

Getting a free internet connection is certainly everyone's dream, especially if your online activities are quite busy. Before chatting about how to log into Wifi without an app, it is important to know what Wifi itself is.

The phrase Wifi is already quite popular among internet users, although there may still be people who don't know about Wifi. Wireless Fidelity, short for Wifi, can be interpreted as a wireless network that allows devices to connect to the internet via the acronym Wifi.

With this Wifi connection, cellphone and PC devices can connect to the internet, allowing users to carry out various online activities. Starting from sharing information, sending messages, images, videos, documents, streaming and others.

WiFi internet access is usually available in locations not too far away. You can see the Wifi network in an open area up to 100 meters if the coverage is good. However, if the environment tends to be narrow and there are lots of buildings, the range tends to be reduced, only around 10-35 meters.

To be able to access a Wifi signal or network, the device must be at a wireless network access point or hotspot. If the access point or hotspot is inside, the range is usually 20 meters or less; if it were outside, the range might be much greater.

What is the Purpose of Wifi LAN?

A Wifi internet connection was previously indicated as a necessity to access various information and online activities. Here are some important Wifi features to pay attention to.

  1. Device Connection to the Internet
    One of the key roles of Wifi is to connect devices such as smartphones or PCs and laptops to the internet network. Without the need for cables, PCs, laptops and cellphones can all connect to the internet via Wifi.
  2. Sharing Data or Files
    Wifi connectivity also serves as a method to share data and files between Wifi-enabled devices in a more practical way.
  3. Connecting between Devices
    With Wi-Fi, devices can easily be connected to each other. For example, you can skip using a USB cable when connecting your smartphone to a PC or laptop. But the prerequisite is that both machines support Wifi devices.
  4. As a Cell Phone Modem
    Wifi also has the ability to turn a smartphone into a modem. Thus, the smartphone device not only receives Wifi signals but can also be a portable modem which functions to transmit Wifi signals.

Wifi LAN Type

Internet networks have now become one of the main demands because almost all educational, work and trade activities require an internet connection. Wifi networks are considered the best choice to get a more reliable internet connection.

Downstream and upstream internet speeds are two ways to think about how fast you can get internet internet. Meanwhile, depending on the speed of use of radio waves, internet networks can be divided into GPRS, 3G, 4G and HSPA.

Meanwhile, Wi-Fi internet is a wireless network technology related to the 802.11 standard which was originally designed for LAN (Local Area Network) use. However, currently Wifi networks can be accessed by portable devices via Wifi Hotspot.

Types and Types of Wifi Speed

You must know the following types and types of Wifi speed:

  1. Wifi type 802.11a with internet speed 54 Mbps, A compatibility at 5 GHz frequency.
  2. Wifi type 802.11b with internet speed 11 Mbps, B compatibility at 2,4 GHz frequency.
  3. Wifi type 802.11g with internet speed 54 Mbps, B and G compatibility at 2,4 GHz frequency.
  4. Wifi type 802.11n with internet speed 100 Mbps, B, G and A compatibility at 2,4 GHz frequency.

How Wifi Works

Basically the way Wifi works is by utilizing radio waves. Various types of data sent by users will be blasted through the air via radio waves. To be able to translate this data, a wireless adapter is needed to connect to Wifi.

A router that functions as a decoder or code translator, receives radio waves in the form of signals. If the data has been decoded, an ethernet connection will be used to send it to the internet network.

Benefits of Using Wifi Internet Services

When compared to other forms of mobile internet connection, using Wifi internet services offers several advantages. Some of the benefits in question are as follows:

  1. Internet connection with Wifi is faster and more reliable.
  2. No need to use a telephone device to access it.
  3. When using a Wifi hotspot, you might expect a smooth, fast, and automatic connection.
  4. Downloading video files, playing online games, and other data-intensive activities can be done with this browser.
  5. Since you don't need to top up your internet quota as often, this is a more cost-effective option.
  6. Installation may be free, but this depends on the service provider.
  7. Your internet quota will not suddenly run out.

Is It Possible to Know WiFi Password without App

Using internet access via Wifi is generally chosen because the connection is much faster and can be guaranteed. That's why so many people experiment with different methods to connect to nearby Wifi and receive free internet access.

A user must have a password or passwords installed to be able to connect to password-protected Wifi. It doesn't matter if you don't have a password. You can try the apps listed below to get access to WiFi networks without using any software.

How to find out WiFi password on cellphone

The first way you can try to enter WiFi that has a password is to use the IP Address settings on your Android smartphone device. To be able to hack Wifi without an application using an Android handset, the method is as follows.

  1. First, please connect to the network which usually displays the description Speedy, or something else.
  2. Then select the Wifi network and click the Change Network Configuration option.
  3. Changing the IP address to and saving the changes will fix the problem.
  4. Continue by opening a browser and entering the IP address to view the Wifi modem settings.
  5. On the login menu, please enter your username and password with the options ADMIN or USER.
  6. Then select the Settings option > Wifi.
  7. Look for the SSID Name and SSID Passphrase options to find out what the username and password are.
  8. It's as easy as plugging it into a Wifi router if you already have the password.

How to Find Out the WiFi Password on a PC or Laptop Device

Apart from using an Android smartphone device, the Wifi hack method can also be used for PC or laptop users. One option is to use the built-in Command Prompt in Windows itself.

If you want to find out the Wifi password using CMD, the procedure you need to do is as follows:

  1. First, please press the Windows + R key combination to launch the Run Administrator window on your PC or laptop.
  2. Just enter cmd and press Enter to launch Command Prompt.
  3. Then enter the command netsh wlan show profile (Wifi Name) key=clear then press Enter.
  4. To find out if your Wifi password or other passwords have been compromised, look in the Main Content section.
    Use the Network and Internet menu to get access to Wifi without using the app.

Find out the WiFi password via the Network and Internet menu

Apart from using the two methods above, there are also other ways you can try to find out Wifi, namely through the Network and Internet menu in the Control Panel. This is the procedure to follow.

  1. To get started, open Control Panel and select Network & Internet from the left menu.
  2. If so, press the Network and Sharing Center menu.
  3. Press the Manage Wireless Networks option in the new window displayed.
  4. Then select the Wifi network you want to connect to.
  5. Select Security from the Wireless Properties menu by pressing the Wireless Properties button.
  6. The Network Security Key contains the Wifi password, which can be viewed by checking the Show Characters box.

Find out the Indihome WiFi password without using the application

Indihome is an internet service offered by PT. Telkom Indonesia. Here are some things to follow if the WiFi connection is an Indihome service and the password is lost or stolen accidentally.

  1. First, make sure you are within range of the Wifi location, if not, please go to the nearest location.
  2. After that, connect the smartphone to the network or Indihome wifi.
  3. If already connected, please change the IP address in the following way:
  4. Configuration > Wifi > Select the Wifi connection on the mobile device > Properties Fill in the Static IP Address according to the device used, then press OK.
  5. Username and password are also available by default with the credentials Username: admin and Password: admin.

Find out WiFi password on Xiaomi cellphone without root

This method of entering WiFi without an application can be applied to all Xiaomi cellphone models and all MIUI versions. The ways that can be done are as follows:

  1. First, please select the Wifi SSID where the password will be hacked.
  2. Click the Settings or Wifi Network Settings option that appears.
  3. If so, please press the IP Settings button and set it to Static IP Address.
  4. You next have to enter your Xiaomi IP address and domain name (DNS) of your respective HP router and computer.
  5. If you are still unsure about the DNS settings, leave it blank.
  6. Next, click the Save button.
  7. Please be patient while the scanner does its job.
  8. Done and it will automatically connect to the Wifi network without needing to know the password.
  9. Wifi Hacking Is Not Possible Due To Some Reasons.

Not all the ways listed above work to gain access to password protected Wifi. Following are some reasons why attempts to hack Wifi fail.

  1. Unstable Internet Connection
    While it is possible to crack a Wifi password without using an app, if your internet connection is unreliable, you may not be able to crack the password. As a result, a reliable internet connection is critical to successful operations.
  2. Some Smartphones Require Root
    If you don't have root access on your smartphone, there are many methods to hack a Wifi network. On the other hand, not all Wifi networks can be hacked without root access. As a result, the Wifi hacking attempt failed.
  3. Enhanced Security System
    If the Wifi security system has been upgraded and updated, the hacking methods described previously may not work. Because one technique for keeping WiFi safe is to change the password frequently.

How to View Wifi Password on iPhone or iPad

You can now do many things that were previously impossible due to Apple's limitations on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Jailbroken iPhones and iPads can display Wi-Fi passwords in the following ways:

  1. Search for 'WIFI Password' in the Cydia application that is installed on your iPhone. This WIFI Password application is a free application that is used to find out the WiFi network password on your iPhone.
  2. Now that you have found the application, please download and install it on your smartphone.
  3. You can get the WIFI password by opening the application you downloaded and then looking at the WIFI connection list on your iPhone.

What to Do If You Don't Know the WiFi Password

If the way to find out WiFi without an application doesn't work or fails, then you can try other possibilities by using certain software. One of them is Wi-Fi Map which does not require root access on the smartphone.

The functionality of this application is very easy because it must be downloaded first from the Google Play Store. Then, on your Android smartphone, launch the application. If yes, then you can follow the procedure below:

  1. To get started, turn on GPS on your smartphone, and the app will start searching for nearby Wifi networks by itself.
  2. The next step is to select the WiFi network to connect to.
  3. Then select the Unlock Password option to display the password on Wifi.
  4. Next, the required Wifi password will be displayed and just copy-paste it.
  5. Try connecting to a Wifi network.

The Dangers of Knowing the WiFi Password

Getting a free internet connection by logging into Wifi without an application is certainly quite practical. However, do you realize that there are dangers involved that should not be ignored? Because internet connection theft can result in legal consequences.

Risk of Criminal Sanctions

Legal number. 36 of 1999 concerning Telecommunications regulates such matters. Article 22 Law no. 36 of 1999 regulates guidelines for dealing with Wifi theft.

It states that no one has the right to engage in behavior that could be seen as manipulative:

Access to telecommunications networks, access to telecommunications services, and possibly access to certain telecommunications networks. Article 50 of Law Number 36 of 1999 states the danger of criminal prosecution.

An internet subscriber's rights as a customer have been violated when unauthorized access to a Wifi network has been made. In other words, internet users' internet usage rights have been hijacked by Wifi hackers.

Possible exposure to viruses or malware

This danger is very likely to occur if the Wifi used is public Wifi which can generally be accessed in public locations. The fact that it is free does not mean that it is safe.

The reason is that internet connections in public places are vulnerable to virus and malware attacks which can have a negative impact on mobile devices and personal data. Apart from that, unreliable internet connectivity also has an impact.

Because the walls or structures are quite thick, the Wifi signal received can be hampered by accessing the internet.

Having access to free Wifi is a huge advantage, especially if you plan to do a lot of work online. But before implementing how to hack Wifi without an application, make sure you know all the dangers and the best way to anticipate them.


WiFi internet access is usually available in locations not too far away. With this Wifi connection, cellphone and PC devices can connect to the internet, allowing users to carry out various online activities. Starting from sharing information, sending messages, images, videos, documents, streaming and others.

The phrase Wifi is already quite popular among internet users, but perhaps there are still people who don't know about Wifi. A wifi internet connection was previously indicated as a necessity to access various information and online activities.

With Wi-Fi, devices can easily connect to each other. For example, you can skip using a USB cable when connecting your smartphone to a PC or laptop. But the prerequisite is that both machines support Wifi devices.

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