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MRT Taiwan HP application – Did you know there is a Taiwan MRT application on your cellphone that you can use on Android and iOS. This MRT application can help you to travel because Taiwan is a country that is quite congested.

There are many programs that can be accessed both on the Play Store for Android and on the App Store for iOS, and to make it easier for you to find the MRT Taiwan application that is suitable for you, we have created a free application for you. All you have to do is download it on your smartphone.

List of MRT Taiwan Applications

Below are several MRT Taiwan applications, as follows:

Taipei Metro Route Map

One of the complete and accurate MRT applications in Taiwan is Taipei Metro Roate Map, this application obtains data from Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation and Taipei City Government with the following advantages:

  1. Select Station inquiry and complete the travel time with immediate price
  2. Equipped with navigation buttons to move comfortably, starting from travel/cost data, route planning, ticket types, station switch buttons
  3. The first time you may wait a few seconds for the data to be initialized

Go! Taipei Metro

The “GO! Taipei Metro”, Taiwan's second MRT app for smartphones, displays route maps, station information, MRT transfer information and trip planning options.

With the application's map layout, you can see your current position and the station you are heading to. As a bonus application, if there is a traffic jam or MRT delay, a notification at the bottom of the application will be displayed in real time.

Next train schedules, adjacent YouBike stations, parking transfers, bus transfers, and information about lifts or stairs are all available via Taipei Metro Go.

You can also use it to find out the fastest route to get to your final location, making travel preparations a breeze.

Taipei MRT Kaohsiung MRT (Taiwan MRT)

The next application which is no less sophisticated is Taiwan MRT with the main feature, one for all, where with just one application you can find out all the MRT information via your fingers starting from MRT Taipei, MRT Taoyuan Airport, MRT Kaohsiung, MRT Taichung, Line

Taiwan MRT main features:

  1. Multi-language, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), English, Japanese, Korean
  2. Simple operation, To exit the function menu, click the site in the graphical user interface.
  3. Goodbye, please. Set start point and end point to view fare and trip duration (fare type can be adjusted in options) (fare type can be changed in settings)
  4. Real-time train dynamics (this capability is only accessible for Kaohsiung MRT), Next train arrival time information helps to quickly learn train dynamics
  5. First and last train time information, First and last train time request information, so you can ensure that you can reach home on time when shopping at night
  6. A map of station locations can be seen here. Displays information about the station and the position of each exit, so you won't get lost when leaving the station
  7. Route planning, Plan a transfer route with the fewest number of stops
  8. Exporting information, Provides each attraction station exit, YouBike/CityBike location, toilet position, lift location
  9. Positioning in real time, Find the nearest MRT station automatically What is the nearest MRT station? Let the app tell you!

Travel Taipei – Taiwan MRT App

In addition to MRT information, the Taipei Travel app provides details about local attractions, transportation, shopping, and lodging in Taipei, as well as other travel-related information. There is also the latest news, events and performance information.

Main features of your trip to Taipei:

  1. Real-time peripheral travel information

As long as you activate the position and broadcast, “Play Taipei Now” allows you to quickly find good information about eating, drinking and having fun, as well as the recent pulse of the city, giving you a different depth of travel experience.Diversified transportation complete

Contains a complete introduction to public transportation, Taipei MRT, Blue Waterway, etc. It also provides real-time parking information combined with hard parking. No matter which transportation method is used, it will be easier to travel to Taipei.


In the article above we have provided a list of Taiwan MRT applications that you can download on your cellphone to help you travel in Taiwan.

That's the article about the MRT Taiwan HP Application, hopefully the article above can be useful and can help all of you.

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