OVO Balance Transfer Fees to Bank Accounts and How

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OVO Balance Transfer Fees to Bank Accounts and How
OVO Balance Transfer Fees to Bank Accounts and How

Rancakmedia.com – Know about the fees for transferring OVO balances to a bank account, before that you need to know first what OVO is, OVO is a digital wallet application made by PT Visionet Internasional.

OVO can be used to make transactions at various retailers that allow payments using QR codes or digital wallets

Apart from that, OVO transactions can be completed using the Grab application. To be able to make transactions, you must first register an account on the OVO application.

On the other hand, money stored in OVO can also be transferred, not only to other OVO users, but also to bank accounts.

How do you transfer OVO to another user?

You can only transfer OVO to another user when your account is already in the premier version.

Once you have verified that your OVO account is prime, you can transfer OVO to another user by following the procedure listed below:

  1. Select the “Transfer” menu at Home
  2. Select the "Submit OVO" menu
  3. Enter the OVO recipient's cellphone number/select from your contacts
  4. Enter the transfer nominal (minimum transfer 10.000 rupiah)
  5. Click “Continue” to complete the transaction

If your OVO account is still OVO Club and has not upgraded to OVO Premier, then you must do the following:

  1. Select “Menu Profile” and press the “Upgrade” button
  2. Prepare your KTP and photo using your smartphone
  3. Take a photo of your KTP and upload it to the OVO application
  4. Fill in the data according to the eKTP data
  5. Enter the birth mother's first name. Note: Make sure your birth mother's name is acceptable and correct to determine ownership of your OVO account.
  6. Click the "Confirm" button and wait for the application procedure to OVO Premier.
  7. You will get information on the progress of your OVO account upgrade application via push notification and email. Please be patient until your OVO account upgrade request procedure is complete.

How to Transfer OVO to a Bank Account?

The method for transferring OVO to the bank is as follows:

  1. Go to the "Transfer" menu on the OVO Home page.
  2. Select “To Bank Account”.
  3. Select “Destination Bank” to transfer funds.
  4. Enter the destination account number and transfer amount (minimum 10.000 rupiah).
  5. Click “Continue” to continue the transfer.
  6. A transfer confirmation page will appear with detailed information about the transfer recipient and the transfer amount. Double check the data that has been entered.
  7. If it is correct, click "Transfer". Congratulations, your transfer was successful!

OVO Balance transaction fees?

When you use OVO, you will be charged a service fee for each transaction, including OVO bank transfers.

Details of OVO transaction fees are as follows:

  1. Transactions at OVO merchants: free
  2. Top Up
    Top Up Debit on OVO apps: 2% of the top up value made
    Top Up via bank: 1.000-1.500 rupiah
    Top up via merchant: 1.000 rupiah
    Top Up via Grab Driver: Free
  3. Cash out
    Transfer between OVO users: free
    Transfer to bank account: 2.500 rupiah per transaction


That's the article about the fees for transferring OVO balances to bank accounts and how to do it. Not only that, in the article above we have summarized several ways to transfer OVO to other users and transfer OVO to bank account users.

That's the article about OVO Balance Transfer Fees to Bank Accounts and How to do it, hopefully the article above can be useful and can help you all.

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