Here's How to Delete Instagram Permanently

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Permanently Delete Instagram
Permanently Delete Instagram

Here's How to Delete Instagram Permanently – Instagram is a social media platform that can connect family and friends. Through the Instagram Stories feature, users can share stories and interesting things they feel.

But often, there are users who feel bored and fed up with the various content that passes by on social media. If the user chooses not to use Instagram again, the user can delete the Instagram account permanently.

It should be noted that users cannot delete accounts via the Instagram program, but must use the site's browser. By deleting an Instagram account, users will no longer be able to connect to their account. Therefore, before deleting, users are advised to save all content that has been uploaded and save it first.

So what are the steps for permanently deleting an Instagram account? Below are the methods as compiled on Monday (28/12/2020). First, users can retrieve all the data in their Instagram account. That way, users can archive all data and photos in their account.

The trick is easy. Users just need to open the Settings menu and select Privacy and Security. In that menu, click the Request Download option. Next, the user will be asked to enter an e-mail address.

Within the next 48 hours, Instagram will send all the user's personal data which includes files containing photos, response clips, and much more. After receiving all the data, the user can continue the process of deleting the account by connecting link below.

On that page, users will be asked to provide facts about why they chose to delete their account. If the decision has expired, the user can continue the account execution process by pressing the "Permanently delete my account" button.


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