List of trending Android camera applications

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List of trending Android camera applications – In this article there is a list of Android camera applications that are trending now, the best in the world and you should try them. Read the article below until the end.

Almost everyone now has a super sophisticated smartphone with various features and various types, some are able to take really good photos because they have dual cameras or have perfected the front camera so that selfies look clearer.

But it still feels like it's not enough because I haven't used it yet camera app which is trending right now. By using this popular camera application, you can get better photos of precious moments spent with family and friends.

While the built-in camera software of every Android-based smartphone provides a simple and excellent method for taking and saving pictures, these popular kids camera apps offer more complex tools or features to spice up your photos.

What's more, you can download all the applications by installing them on Playstore. So, for those of you who want to buy applications on the Play Store, you don't need to bother or be confused anymore.

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List of trending camera applications

Below are various camera applications that are currently trending, including:

1. Camera MX

One of the top camera applications in the world, Camera MX, provides several features which will certainly make it easier for users to use.

Some of the app's standout features include the ability to change JPEG quality manually and support for multiple resolutions.

Better movies can be shot with the MX Camera as well. There is the ability to go back and repair the video once again.

There's a simple image editor built-in, although it's limited in what it can do. However, this camera can take better photos because you can change the image resolution.


The proshot application is a very sophisticated camera because it is packed with automatic and manual settings.

This means you can change and gain total control over high ISO settings, shutter speed, exposure, and other parameters. Not only that, this application is also equipped with an advanced function called bracketing.

Proshot is currently a paid camera application with a rate of IDR 71.000.00 on PlayStore.

3. Google Camera (GCam Tool)

Though Google is a technological powerhouse, it offers an excellent camera app with many useful features.

If you use this application, the results are astonishing, the items photographed will match what you expected. The vivid features and futuristic image quality will appeal to all Android photography lovers.

HDR and Nightsight features can help you take ideal photos in low light or backlight and dark. This software has many other cool features.

4. HedgeCam 2 – Advanced Camera

HedgeCam 2 is an easy-to-use camera app for Android. It includes various features that make this app popular and adored by photography enthusiasts, such as facial recognition, customizable UI, HDR mode, DRO, focus bracketing mode, and other features.

5. Pixtica: Camera and Editor

Pixtica is a camera application for Android created to keep up with the rapidly developing world we live in today. This application was created to be the best camera, even for beginners at the same time.

For those who love photography, Pixtica's features like exposure control, hyper-lapse, active filters, panorama, GIF app, image editing, and QR scanning make it a top choice.

6.Open Camera

Open camera is the camera application of choice for Android users, including those who sell their photos to microstock agencies.

The images produced by any of the top apps are incredibly sharp, and you have the option to adjust all parameters manually or automatically, just like you would with a DSLR camera.

Long distance shooting is not a problem, because this camera has the advantage of automatic stabilization, which makes it look even more perfect.

On Playstore, you can access several features that guarantee professional level image quality and results for free.

7. Retrica – The Original Filter Camera

Retrica is a camera application created to make it easier to take pictures using live effects when you want to take a picture.

There are over 100 different filters that provide a variety of effects and tones. This makes it look different and different from typical applications.

After an image is taken or modified, most Android camera apps apply filters to enhance the image.

You can also use the Random Filter option in the Retrica drawing app to keep pushing until you get the desired effect.

8. Camera FV-5

In general, all camera applications have the same goal: to improve the quality and attractiveness of the photos taken.

With the Camera FV-5 application, you can use your Android camera in the same way as using a DSLR and get the best results.

Manual modifications can be made to almost all functions in the application. Many people use the Android Camera FV-5 camera because of its many useful features, such as exposure bracketing, a DSLR-like viewfinder, and more.

Camera FV-5 is now a premium camera application priced at IDR 49.056,00 on PlayStore.

9. ProCapture

ProCapture is a camera application that has 2 categories, namely free and premium. Panoramic features can be captured using Panorama mode, while wide-angle shots can be captured using the Wide Shot option.

ProCapture's free and paid camera apps are currently available on PlayStore with a combined app price of IDR 56.000,00.

10. Camera Zoom FX Premium

Just like number 9, the Zoom Camera FX application also consists of two variants. There are two versions available: paid version and public version.

It is aimed at skilled and professional photographers. Because API 2 on this camera allows you to use it like a Full Manual DSLR.

Camera Zoom FX Premium is now a premium camera application priced at IDR 69.000 on PlayStore.

11. Candy Camera – selfies

Candy Camera is an elegant and fun camera application. Selfie shots are made simple with this camera's many features and effects.

To make your selfies more instagrammable, the software includes various beauty tools to enhance your face photos, slim your figure, and add built-in stickers.

12. Bacon Camera

Everyone can use Bacon Camera App, a simple Android DSLR. Bacon Camera allows you to operate the gadget manually.

Some useful features are brightness, Virtual Horizon, brackets and panoramas, as well as GIFs, Little Planets and more.

13. Cameringo Lite – Camera Filters

The Cameringo Lite application is a camera application with a choice of several filters which are also its main features. By providing interesting filter choices when taking pictures, you will get photos with the best results.

More than 300 active filters and 20 frames are available in the application to give your photos and images a life of their own.

Additionally, you can use the app's built-in lens effects to give your photos a new perspective. You can even use it in incognito mode to record when your phone screen is off.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about the camera application, as follows:

What Applications Make Your Face Beautiful?

The following is a list of beautiful camera applications that can be used on Android cellphones, namely:

  1. BeautyPlus
  2. B612
  3. YouCam
  4. Camera360
  5. SweetCamera
  6. beautycam
  7. InstaBeauty


All camera applications basically have the same use, it's just that each third-party camera application that you download definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages.

So please choose one application that you need the most or you can also try them one by one from all the list of camera applications that are currently trending that we have recommended above.

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