Price list for OPPO A Series in November 2021 – OPPO gadget fans should check out some of the company's latest series. Please see the price list for the OPPO A series HP for November 2021. The latest prices are also very affordable, starting from Rp. 1 to Rp. 3 million.

OPPO A95, the company's latest model, is available in a variety of colors. The OPPO A Series might be the best choice for individuals on a budget. The price list for the 2021 OPPO cellphone from this series does not only include cheap cellphones, but also a line of cellphones with the best performance quality in their class.

Towards the end of the year, many new models were added to the HP OPPO price list for 2021. OPPO A95 is one of the newest. The newly released OPPO A95 on November 18 quickly became the talk of the community.

Expendable RAM technology, sometimes known as extra RAM, is included in OPPO's latest devices. OPPO A95 contains a total of 8GB of RAM. Capacity can be extended up to 12GB with new technology. The official price for OPPO A95 is Rp. 3,999,000.

At the same time, this model is the most expensive in the price list for the HP A Series OPPO 2021. Other new models worth noting are the OPPO 16, OPPO A15 and OPPO A53, all of which have just been released in new variants. One of the most popular million dollar phones in the market is the OPPO A15.

OPPO A15 recently received a new variant with 2/32GB memory. The OPPO A15 smartphone in this variant costs only Rp. 1,699,000. The new 4/64GB memory variant of OPPO A16 is also available. The price for this OPPO A16 variant is Rp. 2,499,000, which is quite affordable.

Price List for HP OPPO 2021 (OPPO A Series)

Going up to the next class, OPPO A53 now offers a new model with 4/128GB memory. The price for this HP OPPO A53 variant is only Rp. 2,799,000, which is quite affordable. OPPO A74 5G is another option in the Rp. 3 million price range. The OPPO A74 5G cellphone is currently available at Rp. 3,799,000, according to the official OPPO Indonesia website.

This model is also the most expensive of this series in the 2021 OPPO HP price list. Several previous versions, such as OPPO A92 and OPPO A33, are still available. The OPPO A33 smartphone can currently be purchased at a price of IDR 1.7 million.

The OPPO A92 smartphone costs around IDR 2 million. The prices listed below are taken from the official OPPO Indonesia website for the OPPO 2021 HP Series A. You can definitely buy the following HP series at a lower price outside the official website or shop.

Price List for HP OPPO 2021 (OPPO A Series)

  • OPPO A11K (2/32GB): IDR 1,299,000
  • OPPO A12 (3/32GB): IDR 1,499,000
  • OPPO A12 (4/64GB): IDR 1,999,000
  • OPPO A33 (3/32GB): IDR 1,799,000
  • OPPO A15 (2/32GB): IDR 1,699,000
  • OPPO A15 (3/32GB): IDR 1,799,000
  • OPPO A16 (3/32GB): IDR 1,999,000
  • OPPO A16 (4/64GB): IDR 2,499,000
  • OPPO A15s (4/64GB): IDR 2,299,000
  • OPPO A53 (4/64GB): IDR 2,499,000
  • OPPO A53 (4/128GB): IDR 2,799,000
  • OPPO A53 (6/128GB): IDR 2,999,000
  • OPPO A92 (6/128GB): IDR 2,999,000
  • OPPO A54 (4/64GB): IDR 2,399,000
  • OPPO A54 (4/128GB): IDR 2,699,000
  • OPPO A54 (6/128GB): IDR 3,099,000
  • OPPO A74 (6/128GB): IDR 3,499,000
  • OPPO A74 5G (6/128GB): IDR 3,799,000
  • OPPO A95 (8/128GB): IDR 3,999,0000

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