Windows Updates “Right Click” Menu Appearance After 20 Years – Windows Update Displays “Right Click” Menu and Microsoft started distributing the updated Windows 11 operating system to users with compatible devices on October 5th. The changes brought by Windows 11 include a complete redesign of the interface, or user interface (UI).

The start menu and taskbar, for example, have been moved to the center, similar to the interface on Apple's macOS operating system. Not only have the start menu and taskbar been redesigned, Microsoft has also redesigned the appearance and capabilities of the "right-click" or context menu in Windows 11 after a two-decade hiatus.

The term “right-click” refers to the process of opening shortcuts to various menus within a file or folder. To get started, select the options to open (open), delete (delete), edit, and print.

Advantages of the Recent Display Menu "Right Click" in Windows 11

Display menu "right click" on Windows 11 it is now much more basic and fresh than in previous versions of Windows, including Windows 10. This is because many “right-click” menus have been simplified and replaced with useful icons, such as those for copying files or directories.

Previously, for example, in Windows 10, right-clicking displayed all menu options in one full-screen window. To open properties, start with the options to open, edit, print, rename, and copy.

Advantages of Display Menu_Right Click_ in Windows 11

The older version of the right-click option is visually more concise, as it presents a full menu at once.

Indeed, it looks like Microsoft wants to make changes to the right-click options in Windows 11. One way is to change frequently used options such as copy, cut, delete, share, and rename to user.

These icons are located at the top of the window, which makes them easier to access. For users who regularly use right-click to copy, cut, delete, share, and rename, this change could be considered a significant improvement.

Because they don't need to go through a lot of right-click menus to copy or rename their files/folders.

Even though the appearance is simplified and more minimalist, users do not lose access to menu options that were previously available in the Windows 10 “right-click” menu, as collected by Rancakmedia from TechRadar, Monday (22/11/2021).

By clicking the “Show more options” button, users can continue to display as they did on Windows 10 version. When a user clicks, the user is presented with the same right-click menu options box as in Windows 10. If you're on your own, do you prefer the Windows 11 or Windows 10 right-click look?


Windows update menu view and Microsoft started sharing the updated Windows 11 operating system with users on October 5. The start menu and taskbar have been moved to the center, similar to Apple's macOS. Users do not lose access to the right-click menu options previously available in Windows 10.

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