Epic Games Store Now Provides Spotify App

Epic Games Store Now Provides Spotify App – Spotify is now available on the Epic Games Store. This is seen as a commitment by game developer Epic to develop its digital store beyond just games and become a more general platform for program distribution.

The availability of Spotify on the Epic Games Store comes as Epic is in a clash with Apple and Google. Where to sue the two companies for removing the Fortine versus mobile game.

In addition, Epic accused Apple and Google of violating their anti-trade monopoly and complained about the "tax" deducted for each in-app purchase on the basis, for example, Apple's deduction of 30%.

Monday (21/12/2020) Epic Games Store itself is a new digital distribution platform released in December 2018. Through its app store, Epic offers cheaper payments to developers who only take 12 % of their earnings. That figure is definitely cheaper than Apple and Google, which took the 30%.

In January, the Epic Games Store had more than 100 million users and this number is sure to increase, because Epic often gives attractive prizes, including the GTA V prize last May which was so famous that it caused the program store to be down for a while.

With the Epic Games Store's growing user base, developer-friendly fee structure, and the fact that it's currently hosting one of the most popular programs in the world, Epic seems to be making a fuss if non-game developers should weigh its distribution base as a viable option for the store. another program.

Source : detik.com

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