WhatsApp's Latest Features in 2021 and How to Use Them

Rancakmedia.com – WhatsApp is constantly adding the latest features to improve the user experience. WhatsApp has officially announced various new features in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Apart from several new features that are reportedly still in development or being tested with a small number of beta users, there are at least four new WhatsApp features that have been officially announced to the public.

The following is a list based on written information obtained by rancakmedia, Monday (15/11/2021) from WhatsApp.

Latest WhatsApp Features in 2021

1. Use WhatsApp Web and Desktop to edit photos

WhatsApp's newest photo/image editing feature for web and desktop users application. WhatsApp web and desktop users can now crop images to add doodles or text before sending them to their intended recipients.

Previously, users could only send photos via WhatsApp web or desktop with descriptions and emoticons.

Like the mobile version of WhatsApp, the image editing feature on the web and desktop versions of WhatsApp allows adding text, emoji, stickers and doodles.

The trick is to use the editing toolbar which is displayed at the bottom of the image before the user submits it.

When users add text, they have five font choices (Sans Serif, Serif, Norican, Brydan Write, and Oswald) and three text layout choices (aligned left, centered, and right).

Text color can be adjusted at will. Additionally, users on WhatsApp desktop and web can provide colorful backgrounds for text.

The background of this text will eventually be adjusted to match the user's selected font color. This way, the text will appear more prominent. On the mobile version of WhatsApp, the background text feature is not available.

2. Link Preview

As the name implies, this feature is useful for message recipients who get links from friends. For example, if a friend gives you a link to a tweet on the social media platform Twitter or an article on the internet.

Before accessing the link, a thumbnail appears with a brief description of the content of the link. If you are sure, you can directly click on the link.

3. Sticker Placement Suggestions For Easy Search

Usually, users must first open the sticker page on WhatsApp to find the sticker they want.

This is undoubtedly inconvenient, especially if the user is in a hurry. Luckily, WhatsApp now has a feature that makes it easy for users to quickly and easily find the right sticker.

The trick is to type in the word that accurately describes the sticker. For example, to send an emoji with a laughing expression, just type “laugh” or “haha” in the chat area.

On the left side, a square emoji symbol will appear after it. On the WhatsApp program's keyboard menu, click the symbol to open the sticker page.

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