Oppo A95 will soon launch in Indonesia with the following specifications

Rancakmedia.com – OPPO Indonesia promises that the A95 series smartphone will be present in Indonesia in the near future. Leaked OPPO A95 specifications have also been revealed.

Not only specifications, OPPO A95 features were revealed in a series of events titled "Designed to Perform: An Exclusive Sneak Peek Event" in four cities, namely Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya and Bandung recently.

OPPO verified that the device used at the event was an A95. A mid-range smartphone device that provides reliable performance for future users.

"Finally, we can confirm that the mysterious device that was launched through the series of 'Designed to Perform: An Exclusive Sneak Peek Event' is OPPO A95," said Aryo Meidianto A, PR Manager of OPPO Indonesia, in a written statement reported by Tirto. , Monday (8/11/2011). 2021).

"We are preparing this device as a tempting choice for customers towards the end of the year," said Aryo.

Leaked Specifications

Leaked Specifications 

OPPO A95 Aryo added that OPPO A95 will provide extraordinary performance on a middle-class handset, especially from the presence of various features such as AMOLED screens, IPX4 certification, RAM expansion technology, 5,000mAh battery with 33 watt fast charging, and OPPO Glow Design technology. .

As a device that delivers performance in the mid-range line, OPPO A95, said Aryo, includes the latest features such as an AMOLED screen and IPX4 certification which can protect this device from light splashes of water.

Apart from that, the device will come with a massive 5,000mAh battery which will keep up with its demanding users all day long. Interestingly, the huge A95 battery will be paired with 33Watt fast charging.

"This makes the OPPO A95 the second device in the A series line which has a 33Watt fast charging feature after the A74 4G," said Aryo.

The high performance of the OPPO A95 is shown by the presence of 8GB of RAM. Of course, like some of OPPO's newer handsets, users can get more RAM using RAM Expansion technology.

Aryo noted that this technology can convert some of the internal storage to be used as additional RAM with possibilities ranging from 2GB, 3GB to the largest 5GB.

With the highest RAM extension option, OPPO A95 users can receive a total of 13GB of RAM like a premium device. OPPO A95 will also introduce a new technology, namely the OPPO Glow Design which was first used in the A series line which creates anti-fingerprints.

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