Make 3D Photo Views in Google Photos

Make 3D Photo Views in Google Photos – If you think 2D photos look boring, Google Photos will entertain you by making 2D photos appear 3D and look cinematic.

Google is preparing for this and releasing the update gradually until it is available to all users. This cinematic photo originates from a normal image in our Google Photos gallery that has been given a 3D effect using machine learning.

3D technology will be applied automatically to all photos in Google Photos if you have updated the program to the latest version.

Cinematic-looking photos will appear in the "recent highlights" section. If you love the photo, you can save it to your Google Photos library. This step will preserve the 3D impact, allowing you to watch it again or share it any time you want.

This cinematic photo feature that makes photos even more beautiful is starting to be released in December 2020. If you haven't got it yet, please be patient because its availability is being released in stages until it is predicted that it will be available to all Google Photos users in mid-January 2021.


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