Leaked Free Fire Event Prizes and How to Claim the Baseball Skin Cyber Swing

Rancakmedia.com – Check out the Leaked Event Prizes and Schedule for Dodger Stadium FF “>Dodger Stadium FF 2021, complete with how to claim it.

Free Fire game fans will surely be more curious about the latest Garena Dodger Stadium FF”>Dodger Stadium FF 2021 event. Many players are asking what Dodge Stadium FF is and when the event schedule starts.

Dodger Stadium FF”>Dodger Stadium FF is Garena's newest event that integrates sports themes and players into the Free Fire game.

Dodger Stadium FF”>Dodger Stadium FF is an annual event that is held once a year at the end of each year.

Dodge Stadium FF is a continuation of the Chrono Event which was previously worked on by football star Christiano Ronaldo.

The difference is whether Dodger Stadium FF”>Dodger Stadium FF will feature sporting events through American baseball-inspired skins and weapon components.

Dodger Stadium itself is one of the largest baseball stadiums in America which is sometimes part of the baseball club from Los Angeles.

Therefore, most likely, Garena will join the baseball star Los Angeles Dodgers as a new team-up event.

Dodge Stadium FF 2021 Prize Leaks

Dodge Stadium FF 2021 Prize Leaks

In the FF Chrono Event, players can win the main prize, the Cyber​​​​​​​​Chrono Bat Bat skin that is given permanently.

Now for the Dodger Stadium FF”>Dodger Stadium FF event, Garena has prepared unique prizes in the form of baseball-themed skins and item bundles.

One of the prizes from the Dodger Stadium FF event”> Dodger Stadium FF is the Baseball Skin Cyber ​​Swing.

This Cyber ​​​​Swing Baseball skin can be obtained when players complete a unique task which is limited to the “Dodger Stadium FF”>Dodger Stadium FF event.

In addition to baseball-themed skins, Garena has created a free baseball cyber-swing pack that includes unique items, from guns, helmets, and even baseball-themed coats.

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