10 Proven Money-Making Games to Get into Accounts

Rancakmedia.com – In the article that we provide below, we will discuss money-making games that have proven to be paid by many users through the applications that we provide below.

However, remember that not all money-making games can pay their users. Therefore, before choosing to play the game, make sure you know the background first.

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, people in Indonesia must remain at home. And for those of you who are lying down, this method is very useful for you to try by trying to play certain games to get money from home.

List of Money Making Games Proven to Work

But, not all games can make money. Then what games can make money and are proven to pay their users?

For those of you who are looking for money making games that are proven to pay and which ones to play. No need to worry, because below we will suggest some cash balance games that you can download and complete the tasks given in them. Please read more below.

List of Money Making Games Proven to Work

Below we have summarized the games moneymaker which have been proven to pay, namely as follows:

1. Hago

Who doesn't know Hago? Hago was launched in 2008 and is claimed to be able to create cash balances quickly. These games are very popular and offer a variety of thrilling and tickling gameplay. Apart from that, you can also play Hago with your friends, and it's not much different from multiplayer games.

Therefore, if you are interested and want to play the game. Make sure you download application Lucky Miner first. Because this application is a third party that helps to convert Hago coins into Fund balances. Come on, download the application right now.

2. TopRich

TopRich is presented for those of you who like puzzle games. This game provides a very interesting gameplay and you are guaranteed to continue to love it.

Island King

Through this game, your thinking skills will be developed. Apart from that, TopRich also offers lots of simple puzzles that are easy to solve.

Not only that, this game also offers a variety of very interesting mini games for you to play. Like a game that combines vehicles or driving a car. You can earn coins if you manage to score to the finish line. Be sure to download the game now.

3. Funluck Apk

Funluck Apk is also one of the popular money-making games, this game is recognized as a game that makes money directly into the account without having to invest additional money. Moreover, users are showered with free cash at the start of the download procedure.

It's no different from other money-making games, where users will be encouraged to collect as many points as possible and can be exchanged for a Fund balance. The method is also very easy, like playing games, to daily login. You can also earn extra money by inviting friends.

4.Island King

Island King which you may also rely on to get a balance of money quickly. This game is packaged with a very attractive cartoon visual presentation. Apart from that, Island King will also encourage you to build your own island while making money on it.

Funluck Apk

The reason is, the longer the progress you make on the king's island. The more coins you can earn. There are two types of coins in the game, the first coin you can use to build an island. And the second coin (Redcoin) that you can transfer to a cash balance or other e-wallet.

5. Higgs Domino Island

Who doesn't know Domino Higgs Island? One of the card games with an Indonesian flavor is Higgs Domino Island. This game is very popular and is played by many people. Besides being fun, players can also get money easily from the Higgs Domino Island game.

Domino Higgs Island offers a Gaple game, QiuQiu.99. Poker and so on. To earn on Domino Higgs Island, you can collect as many coins as you can. If you collect a lot of coins, you can transfer coins to other players.

6. Number Wheel Game

The Number Wheel game is no less popular than other fund-generating games. This game makes it easy for you to earn money quickly. Number Wheel Game offers a variety of very unusual and interesting games for making money.

You can play the roulette game. The method is also very easy and fast, you only need to choose numbers and points. If you manage to win the jackpot, you may receive the prize you've been looking for.


To increase additional income, you can invite friends. Come on, play the game right now.

7. Gamee

You can also try Gamee to make money. The game concept is very unique and simple, users only need to get tickets in various ways. Such as carrying out missions, inviting friends, bonus rounds and much more.

However, there is a minimum game time that must be met to get that number of tickets. If you have managed to collect a lot of tickets, then you can convert them directly into a fund balance. Apart from cellphones, you can also play this game via PC. Come on, install now.

8. PlayPlay – Money Making Game

If you are tired of playing the same game. Then you are compelled to try playplay. This is because currently PlayPlay comes with various genres such as Ludo, BrickBrock, Cookie Crush, and others. This game is considered capable of generating balance funds and is proven safe.

Many reports claim that this game has successfully downloaded up to 1 million downloads. Therefore, if you want to make money through this game, be sure to download the program first. And play lots of games on it now.

9. Play Gamers – Money Making Games

Play Gamer is the latest money making program which is widely used by users. For those of you who are interested in taking advantage of Play Gamer, please download and install it via Google first Playstore. Just like other games, you have to carry out missions in the beginning to make money.


While some may not be familiar with Play Gamer, in fact you may be relying on Play Gamer to make money from home while playing games. How? Interested? Come on, download now.

10. Lucky Popstar 2020 – Play – Money Making Game

Lucky Popstar 2020 – Play which you can use to make money from home. This game offers a variety of traditional puzzle games that are very unique and interesting to play. And make it easier for you to make money online.

To increase their income, users also use the invite friends function as often as possible to get attractive prizes. Users can enjoy the game, with multiple levels of fun and difficult tasks.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about money-making games, as follows:

Is the Domino Game Haram?

Higgs Domino Island

Many argue that the higgs domino game is declared illegal because it is considered an online gambling game. In fact, gambling itself in Islam is one of the things that is forbidden.


In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, people in Indonesia must remain at home. For those of you who are lying down, this method is very useful for you to try. But, not all games can make money.

This is information about 10 money-making games that have been proven successful in entering accounts, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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