An easy way to credit mobile phones at Blibli with 0% installments – is online shopping which is currently a trend, there are lots of advantages including online shopping in Indonesia, the most important thing is free shipping throughout Indonesia and we can get credit or pay installments without interest or 0 percent installments for almost 14 leading banks in the world Indonesia with a tenor or period between 6 to 12 months.

To be able to pay installments online, you just need a credit card, without a credit card you still can't payback online, for those who don't have a credit card, please learn how to apply for a credit card for beginners. individuals who still do not know the actual form of a Credit Card Click Here

I intend to buy a Samsung Galaxy E5 E500 Black Smartphone [16 GB] at a price of Rp. 3,102,500 which will be paid in installments over 12 months with monthly installments set at Rp. 258,542 using a BRI credit card.

Mobile Credit at Blibli with 0% Installments

The things that need to be known during installments using a BRI credit card or other bank, are:

  • Installments or installments must be paid consistently every month, no less or more.
  • Early repayment by the Cardholder is made by paying in full the remaining principal installments + unbilled interest + penalty fees.
  • If the card user is in arrears for > 2 consecutive months, the installment procedure can be stopped by the Bank and the outstanding installments will be charged the full fee + unbilled installment interest
  • The penalty fee is usually around IDR 100,000, each bank has different regulations

Here's a step by step way to shop online while paying 0 percent installments from start to finish

  • First, visit the website, then look for the item you want to buy, then click Buy
  • A basket of product names and prices is displayed then click Continue Payment
  • If you have already registered for a account, please log in if you haven't already. Must register first
  • The following page is the Order Summary. Delivery Destination Address, if the address is valid, click Continue Payment
  • Because we will pay 0 percent installments using a BRI Credit Card, choose the 0 percent installment payment method with the BRI Credit Card option listed there, 6 months or 12 months installment options if you click Pay Now
  • You will be directed to the Credit Card Data Filling page, complete it carefully according to your credit card identity after clicking Process
  • The next step is the Verified By Visa page, namely the BRI Credit Card Authorization page where the authorization code is sent to the cellphone registered with the BRI Credit Card, if you have received the Authorization Code via SMS, please enter it and click OK, if your time limit is more than 5 minutes, you must click Send. Reset Authorization Code
  • There will be confirmation that your transaction is authorized, please wait a maximum of 2 days. You will receive confirmation from about your installment status, usually only a few days after the item you bought arrives at your house. have a credit card heheh if it is used for positive things there are many uses.

Conclusion Regarding Mobile Credit at Blibli: is an online shopping trend at the moment, it has a lot of advantages, including online shopping in Indonesia, the most important of which is free shipping throughout Indonesia. We can credit or pay interest-free installments or 0 percent installments at almost 14 leading banks in Indonesia.

Here are the steps for how to get Mobile Credit at Blibli while paying 0 percent installments from start to finish. It's easy if you have a credit card heheh if you use it for positive things it has many uses. If you have received an Authorization Code via SMS, please enter it and click OK. If your time limit is more than 5 minutes must Click Resend Authorization Code.

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