The Best and Fastest Mobile Credit Application Without a Credit Card - For those of you who are looking for an HP credit application, you can use the application we provide below, you can make installments without having to have a credit card, you know.

Many sites offer installment services without a credit card with simple terms and fast procedures.

Considering that not everyone can have a credit card, the availability of credit card-free installment applications is like a breath of fresh air for many individuals.

This application is like a digital credit card that can be used as a means of payment when you want to shop with regular payments, especially when you want to buy a new cellphone.

Best and Most Trusted HP Credit Application Recommendations

Without further ado, here are five HP installment service provider applications without a credit card that you can choose from.

Best and Most Trusted HP Credit Application Recommendations

Below we have summarized the list of applications cellphone credit which you can download at playstore or appstore, as follows:

1. Kredivo

With the motto “buy now, pay later”, Kredivo's service allows you to shop in installments without needing a credit card. Payment can be made in cash within 30 days or in installments over 12 months.

Kredivo provides a shopping limit of up to IDR 30 million which can be disbursed in one minute. Every transaction made through Kredivo will be subject to an effective interest of 2.95 percent per month.

To register at Kredivo, you can download the Kredivo application online or register on the Kredivo official website. Before that, make sure you meet the requirements to submit Kredivo, below:


  1. Indonesian citizens
  2. 18-60 years old
  3. Domiciled in Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Palembang, Medan, Bali, Yogyakarta, Solo, Makassar, Malang, Sukabumi and Cirebon
  4. Minimum income of IDR 3 million per month
  5. To shop online using Kredivo services, select Kredivo as the preferred method on the payment page of the Kredivo merchant partner site. Next, you will receive an OTP number via SMS to confirm the transaction.


Meanwhile, for offline purchases, simply scan the QR Code at the cashier partner merchant, using the Kredivo application. Very simple, right?

Currently, Kredivo has more than 250 businesses, both online and offline.

2. Akulaku

Akulaku is a digital credit application for purchasing various needs, including a new cell phone. The use of the service is not much different from the Kredivo application, which is enough to install the Akulaku application on your cellphone.

To get your dream cellphone with Akulaku, take advantage of the search function in the Akulaku application. After selecting the appropriate cell phone, then it's just a matter of selecting a payment term, ranging from 3 to 12 months.

Well, it's different from Kredivo, at Akulaku you have to submit a down payment or DP. The amount of DP will be displayed in the information section of each product. Later, if the credit application is accepted, the cellphone that has been purchased will be sent within four days after the down payment.


  1. For employees: employment data information
  2. For entrepreneurs: photo of NPWP, photo of shop, office or company website, photo of SIUP or bank statement
  3. For online transportation drivers: an example of a complete profile and travel history in an online transportation application


3. Cash Cloud

If you don't want to pay a down payment, you can apply for a cell phone credit online through the Awan Tunai application. However, Awan Tunai imposes a maximum spending limit of IDR 5 million. That is, you cannot buy a cell phone with a price above IDR 5 million.

To apply for installments without a credit card at Awan Cash, simply send your e-KTP. Then you enter the desired shopping limit, then verify the data using the e-KTP photo.

Once authorized, the requested money will be added to the balance in the Awan Cash application, and may already be used to buy a new phone at various accessible stores.

Regarding interest, Awan Tunai sets loan interest starting at 3 percent per month. Unfortunately, currently the Awan Cash service can only be accessed in the JABODETABEK area.


  1. Have e-KTP or KTP and SIM
  2. Have a smartphone with an active mobile number
  3. Have a steady job
  4. Age 21-55 years
  5. Indonesian citizens

4. Creditplus

The next online credit card is Kreditplus. Initially, Kreditplus, which is under the auspices of PT Finansia Multi Finance, exclusively provided motorcycle, vehicle and heavy equipment financing.

Cash Cloud

Now, Kreditplus works with various marketplace sites, such as Elevenia, JD.ID, Pasarwarga, and others, and can offer credit for various types of products, including cellphones.

Kreditplus offers credit services with installment terms ranging from 3 to 12 months. To make transactions, first activate the credit limit through the Kreditplus application. After the credit limit is operational, all you have to do is choose an online or physical store that is a Creditplus partner.

Then, select the appropriate cellphone and enter no. ID card and date of birth. After that, it's just a matter of waiting for the new phone to arrive at your home. Interestingly, Kreditplus services can be accessed in various regions in Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua.


  • Have an e-KTP or family card
  • Have an active email and mobile number
  • Have a minimum income of IDR 3 million every month

5. Home Credit

Home Credit is a non-cash loan service provider in online and offline stores. For HP financing, Home Credit provides limits starting from Rp. 675 thousand to Rp. 10 million. However, you need to set a DP of 15 percent of the credit amount.


In addition to the installment interest, Home Credit also charges an administration fee of Rp. 199 thousand, as well as an installment payment fee of Rp. 5 thousand every month. Installment tenors are available from 6 to 18 months.

The good news is that there are various HP financing promotions currently provided by Home Credit, ranging from 0 percent interest coupons to free one-time installments. See here for full details.


  • Indonesian citizens
  • Have an identity card
  • Minimum age 21 years or 19 years if married
  • Have a stable income

Are Installments Without a Credit Card Safe?

Various platforms that offer installments without a credit card do provide their own convenience. When your cell phone is broken but your budget is limited and you don't have a credit card for installment payments, this cellphone installment service without a credit card might be your mainstay.

Without setting complicated terms, some of these platforms are easier to access than a credit card. However, the convenience obtained is not without danger. As we know, there is an interest fee charged on the installment system, either on this "online credit card" or a real credit card.

The difference is, even though credit card interest is determined according to the policy of the issuing bank, it still depends on Bank Indonesia regulations. Meanwhile, interest for installment services without a credit card is determined by the supplier. This implies that it is inconceivable that the rates charged will skyrocket.

Also, don't forget that there are many other expenses besides interest that you may have to cover as well. For example administration fees, installment service fees, and so forth. If it is estimated, it is possible that the price of the cellphone purchased will increase from the initial price.

We recommend that this cellphone installment service without a credit card be used only when there is an urgent emergency. That way, you don't have to spend a lot of unnecessary additional costs. Don't get "itchy" to buy things that are not too important with installments because you are very vulnerable to getting into debt.

If you can't afford it, it's better to save up first. Agreed?

Finally, don't be tempted by installment services without a credit card if you haven't registered with the OJK. This is because if unexpected things happen, such as being entangled in a fake loan scheme, then the loss will be borne by yourself.

So, be careful when choosing which financial service to use so you don't regret it later.


Actually there are lots of applications that you can use for cellphone credit, but we only summarize very reliable cellphone credit applications for you to try by simply downloading them.

Thus the article about the best cellphone credit application and fast processing without a credit card, I hope the information above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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