The latest Illegal Online Loans from OJK – Illegal online loans (Pinjol) never die. Even though they are closed many times, there are still fresh ones. This is the latest list of illegal online loans from the OJK and the Credit Investment Alert Task Force (SWI).

Recently, 206 fintech peer to peer (P2P) illegal loans were closed again by Investment Alert. This fintech does not have a permit from the Financial Services Authority because it is not registered (OJK). Illegal fintechs are ready to provide online or online.

Investment Alert Chairman TongamL Tobing said the Task Force managed to identify 206 illegal fintechs through the Tobing Investment Alert cyber patrol (cyberpartrol).

This was conveyed by Tongam L Tobing in his official statement, Tuesday (13/11/2020). “Cyber patrols are constantly being enhanced to allow us to identify and prevent unlawful fintech lending and illegal investment offers.

Before it can be accessed and cause victims in society. Issues have resurfaced regarding online credit or loans from dark financial technology (fintech) companies. One of the loan providers sends the personal information of customers or family members.

The List of Illegal Online Loans Informed Through the OJK Website Is As Follows

Lately, social media has been reporting about allegations of online credit (pinjol) spreading personal data on someone's credit network. This was recorded in a video on Twitter, Friday (9/4/2002) which went viral.

In previous years, on March 1 2021, it was reported that debt collectors threatened debtors and animated social media. By using a stolen photo from his WhatsApp profile, the perpetrator threatens the victim.

The illegal loan debts are the result of an investigation conducted by the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) during February 2021. SWI closed 3,107 unlawful fintech loans between 2018 and February 2021.

Illegal loans work without permission from the OJK. Usually they do not comply with relevant business operating norms.

Unlawful loans usually work quickly and simply by providing a loan or mortgage. However, there are significant interest costs underlying the bargain terms,

Furthermore, illicit loans work to trouble the people. Illegal lenders do not hesitate, if they are unable to pay the loan repayments, in terrorizing clients and those closest to them.

The List of Illegal Online Loans Informed Through the OJK Website Is As Follows

  • Go Money Go Money – Funds for emergencies
  • Go Smart Money Fast Funds
  • Fast Liquid Online Loans – CashGo
  • Fast Liquid Online Loans Need Capital
  • Capital Needs - Fast Loans Loans from Rupiah Pocket Funds - Online Fast Fund Loans
  • KSP KSP Online Fund Loans Just Borrow
  • Cash Hi!
  • Spawning fund
  • Fun Fund 122
  • Spawning Fund
  • Smart Fund Rafra Application Store
  • my loan
  • My Loans – Fastest and safest online loans
  • my loan
  • Secure Online Loans – Fast Funds
  • Fast and Easy Express Funds
  • Flash Money (In Memories)
  • Fast Money Flash Money (WA EYE) (PT Graha Tirta Cantika) (Super Keatley )
  • Cash Rate Again Lite – Cheap Interest Online Loans
  • KSP Dompet Kelapa Cash Credit Fund
  • Windfall
  • New credit
  • Borrow Easy Cash Need Money
  • Redholo – These are the roupies
  • Great luck!
  • Quick Capital – Fast and Easy Online Cash
  • Quick fast capital KSP
  • Credit for online cash loans: KSP Dompet Pisang Rupiah.


Illegal online loans (Pinjol) never die. Even though it has been closed many times, new ones still appear. This is a list of the latest loans brushed by OJK and the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI). Recently, Alert Investasi again closed 206 illegal peer to peer (P2P) fintech lending. OJK monitoring results in early 2021 found 51 fintech companies running illegal loan businesses.

Illegal loans usually operate by offering loans or mortgages quickly and easily. However, behind these easy conditions, there are large interest costs. In addition, illegal loans also operate to unsettle the community. The perpetrator threatened the victim by using a photo of his child taken from his WhatsApp profile photo.

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