What is Dompet Rumah APK Easy Liquid Online Loan

Rancakmedia.com – What is the home wallet apk, many netizens are curious and find out about this application so they don't fail to understand, Rancakmedia friends must know. Check out the full article.

Nowadays it seems that many people are looking for online loan applications. Not without reason, maybe these netizens really need fast funds to use.

But in choosing application Online loans also have to be careful. Currently, there is also a lot of information about online loans being raided in the news. So you have to be careful.

What is Home Wallet APK

The Dompet Rumah application is one of the most sought-after online loan applications. The need for people to get fast funds is indeed the reason because reportedly this application can disburse loans quickly in less than 1×24 hours.

Download Dompet Rumah Apk 

As with other conventional money loans. Online loans also require terms and guarantees. But what's different is that online loans are simpler because you don't need to come to a bank or office. You only need to submit via cellphone easily.

For loans in the Dompet Rumah application, the apk itself is limited. Money loans are provided starting from 500 thousand to less than 2 million. In addition, the tenor of the return itself can be up to 3 months.

Download Dompet Rumah Apk

Now that we know about Dompet Rumah, to get a loan, of course we have to have the application. But to download it, you have to manually go through the browser. Because this application is not available in the Play Store. After the file is downloaded, you can install it on your cellphone to start applying for a loan.

As mentioned above, the Dompet Rumah application also requires several requirements to be met. Some of these conditions include the following.

These are some of the requirements that must be met in order to submit an application. If you really meet the requirements, you can just try to submit it.

Because this application is not an official application and has not been registered with the OJK, its use is still illegal. In addition, the application requires access to your contacts, phone logs, camera and gallery of your phone.


New customers will get a maximum loan limit of 1 million rupiah and a payback period of only 10 days. then there will be an additional deduction on the initial loan. The app itself mentions no DC field.

Now that's a little explanation about the Dompet Rumah apk, an online loan application that is being sought after. If it's still unclear, you can just ask in the comments. Maybe that's all the explanation this time. Hope it is useful.

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