How to Use WhatsApp Multi Device Without Internet Connection – The latest feature on how to use WhatsApp multi-device without an internet connection which allows access to WhatsApp on a number of devices is now available to users. Interestingly, even if the main phone is turned off or the main phone is not connected to the internet, WhatsApp can now be used. This is the latest breakthrough from WhatsApp and is fairly innovative because many of its competitors don't have this feature yet.

WhatsApp tidak tersedia. Seperti diketahui secara luas, WhatsApp harus ditautkan sebelumnya ke ponsel pengguna agar tetap menerima pesan saat menggunakan aplikasi desktop dan online. Fungsi baru ini tetap memungkinkan pengguna untuk mengirim dan menerima pesan bahkan jika baterai di telepon habis. Hingga empat perangkat sekarang dapat menggunakan fitur multi-perangkat terbaru dari WhatsApp.

How can you use WhatsApp even if the phone doesn't have an Internet connection?

Use WhatsApp even when mobile internet is disabled. Note that customers still need to link their device to their mobile before using this function. Users must download the latest version of WhatsApp first.

By upgrading the WhatsApp application to version, the WhatsApp feature can be used on various devices from the trial on Android phones. When updating, if you want to use the WhatsApp program when your phone is off or not connected to the internet, users must first join the multi-device beta.

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WhatsApp Multi Device

The method is as follows:

  • Tap the device for three dots
  • Then click “Linked Devices” and
  • then click “Multi-Device Beta”
  • Click "Join Beta"

Furthermore, when you join, users need a device link.

The way to connect the device is:

  • Return to the previously connected device menu, select “Link Device”.
  • Scan the QR code on the computer to connect WhatsApp Web
  • Wait a moment to connect to your device
  • You can still send WhatsApp messages if your primary phone is off or the phone isn't connected to the internet

Want the application

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WhatsApp stated in a later blog post that if the mobile phone is not used for more than 14 days, connected devices will be disconnected. WhatsApp also claims your private messages, media and calls are secured end-to-end.

List of Cellphones Can't WhatsApp

List of Phones That Can't Access WhatsApp

Apart from how to access WhatsApp without internet, here is a list of cellphones that will not be able to access or use the WhatsApp application starting November 1, 2021, see what they are:

Android Phone Users:


  • Galaxy Trend Lite
  • Galaxy Trend II
  • Galaxy SII
  • Galaxy S3 mini
  • Galaxy Xcover 2
  • Galaxy Core
  • Galaxy Ace 2


  • Lucid 2
  • Optimus F7
  • Optimus F5
  • Optimus L3II Dual
  • Optimus F5
  • Optimus L5
  • Optimus L5II
  • Optimus L5
  • Dual Optimus L3 II
  • Optimus L7
  • Optimus L7II
  • Dual Optimus L7 II
  • Optimus F6
  • Optimus L4II
  • Dual Optimus F3
  • Optimus L2II
  • Optimus Nitro HD and 4X HD
  • Optimus F3Q
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  • Grand S Flex
  • ZTE V956
  • Grand X Quad V987
  • Grand Memos


  • Ascend G740
  • Ascend Mate
  • Ascend D Quad XL
  • Ascend D1 Quad XL
  • Ascend P1 S
  • Ascend D2


  • Xperia Miro
  • Sony Xperia Neo L
  • Xperia Arc S
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  • One-Touch Evo 7

Device L's cellphonethe other

  • Archos 53 Platinum
  • HTC Desire 500
  • Caterpillar Cat B15
  • Wiko Cink Five
  • Wiko Darknight
  • Lenovo A820
  • UMi X2 Faea F1
  • THL W8

Device Mobile Apple iOS

  • iPhone SEApple
  • iPhone 6S Apple
  • iPhone 6S Plus

Please note that even if WhatsApp doesn't support such devices anymore, the app won't work instantly anymore. However, computers that are not supported by WhatsApp cannot get the latest security updates. This allows consumers to target hackers who may exploit weaknesses to steal user data.

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WhatsApp's cross-device feature is in beta. Simply put, this function helps you stay connected even when your phone is off or no signal is received. WhatsApp can generally be used on PC or desktop devices if you have WhatsApp installed on your mobile.

Your phone remains the initial port of call. In order to receive and send texts from your computer, your phone must be kept on. If your phone is turned off or has no signal, access to the WhatsApp website is disabled.

Now on WhatsApp Multi-device you don't need to connect the two anymore, just one of the / web applications can be used without having to use the main cell phone.

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