How to Install Collateral Loans at Tokopedia – Many ways of collateral-free installment loans are offered at Tokopedia. What is the most attractive credit? How to apply for a loan without a credit card at this e-commerce giant

Tokopedia has grown to become the largest e-commerce, leaving its competitors far behind.

What's interesting is that Tokped – Tokopedia's nickname – is no longer just an e-commerce platform but has transformed into a giant store with all kinds of features.

One of the features in Tokped is a loan and loan service. There are various types of loans offered by this e-commerce giant.

I noticed that in general, Tokped offers two types of credit, namely:

Here are 5 Ways of Installment Credit Without a Credit Card at Tokopedia:

  • Buyers at Tokped can use their credit cards to pay in installments.
  • Credit card issuing banks offer 0% installments starting from 3 months to 24 months.
  • It seems that almost all credit card issuers are present at Tokopedia.

Even though it's called 0%, installments with a credit card are charged. These fees are added up front and get bigger the longer the loan term.

Kalau belum punya kartu kredit, Tokopedia menyediakan fasilitas untuk pengajuan aplikasi kartu kredit. Ada halaman khusus di Tokopedia yang menyediakan tempat untuk mengajukan aplikasi kartu kredit ke berbagai bank di Indonesia.

How to Install Credit Without a Credit Card at Tokopedia

Kredivo is an installment provider without a credit card and without a down payment for shopping on e-commerce. It works exactly like a credit card.

The maximum loan limit provided by Kredivo at Tokopedia is IDR 3 million. The choice of credit tenure is one time payment in 30 days or 3, 6, 12 month installments.

Interest per month at Kredivo is 0% for one payment and 2,95% for installments

Kredivo is claimed to be available at 150+ merchants. Their focus seems to be on online merchants, such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak and various other e-commerce sites.

How do you use Kredivo installments on Tokopedia?

Users must apply via the Kredivo application, which is available for free on Google Playstore and IOS. Register in the application and complete all requirements.

If approved, the user will get a credit limit that can be used to shop at partnered merchants, one of which is Tokopedia.

Submission requirements at Kredivo are:

  • Kredivo provides two process flows that have different conditions, namely:
  • Express Installments
  • No need to provide proof of residence documents and proof of salary slips but must:
  • Regular Installments
  • Upload 2 types of documents

Users can make purchases at Tokopedia and choose the method of payment with Kredivo, provided that:

Not everyone has a credit card. Kredivo offers loans without a credit card for purchasing goods at Tokopedia.

Ceria is an installment product from Bank BRI to serve customers who shop at online merchants in collaboration with BRI, one of which is Tokopedia.

What's interesting, even though this is a bank product, BRI Ceria does not require a credit card to apply for opening an account.

BRI Ceria appears as a payment method on Tokopedia. Those who already have a BRI Ceria account can immediately use it for transactions.

How to Install BRI Ceria Loans

BRI Ceria provides a loan limit that can be used for shopping and if you have paid the bill, the limit will return.

What is quite interesting about BRI Ceria is the interest, namely: 1,42% interest per month or 26,95% effective per year.

There are no administration fees. Fees are only interest.

In general, the way to submit is very easy, simply download the application from the Play Store and complete the requirements requested.

BRI Ceria states that there are two steps, namely:

First, register at BRI Ceria by opening the application, sending an OTP from your cellphone and registering a PIN. After registration is complete, proceed to applying for a loan

Second, the steps to apply for a loan, which consists of:

Submission Requirements Are

The requirements for a salary account at BRI are not easy for many people. Only a small number of us have a salary account at BRI, even though this bank is the largest bank in Indonesia.

Home Credit Loan Features

Home Credit is a financing company that provides installments without a credit card at Tokopedia.

This financing can start from Rp. 500 thousand with installment periods of 3 months to 12 months.

The submission process is sufficient with a KTP and within 2×24 hours the results of the credit application have been approved or not.

How to Installment Credit Using Home Credit

  • Visit the website of one of the Home Credit online store partners and select the items to be purchased;
  • Choose Home Credit Indonesia as a payment option and follow the instructions to fill out the application form;
  • Wait for the credit approval notification;
  • Follow the next prompts to confirm the contract, then make the down payment; And
  • Goods are sent directly to the home address.

The requirements for online shopping at Home Credit include: Indonesian citizens and having an ID card; Minimum age 21 years or 19 years (if married); Residing in the Home Credit service area; and have a steady income.

One of the pioneers of online loans is Julo, who now has permission from the OJK, and applications can be made via an application that can be downloaded on the PlayStore.

Julo is available as an Instant Fund on Tokopedia. This is a type of short term cash loan.


Tokopedia has grown to become the largest e-commerce platform, leaving its competitors far behind. One of the features in Tokped is a lending and borrowing service. Here are 5 ways to do credit installments without a credit card at Tokopedia. Users must register through the Kredivo application, which is available free on Google Playstore and iOS.

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