7 Easy Ways to Send Goods Via JNE

rancakemedia.com – Goods are often sent every day by many people. Of course, goods can reach the hands of customers, especially for online traders with expedition services. The function of shipping services becomes important in the middle of the internet era because all e-commerce sites use it. JNE is one of the best shipping expeditions with experience throughout Indonesia.

For delivery, there are more than 1500 unique pick-up service locations throughout Indonesia. Of course, if there is no package delivery service, the online purchase process will not work properly. JNE is more adaptable for people who live far away because there are many types of delivery options including JNE OKE, JNE YES and JNE Regular.

Goods sent via JNE are faster with YES, because packages are sent within 1 working day. Shipping goods via JNE is very easy because there are many agents and offices around it.

In addition, sending goods via JNE is subject to package insurance so a replacement fee is charged if the item is damaged inside. Of course we want the goods to be in prime condition until they reach their destination, but no one knows the difficulties on the way.

Therefore, JNE guarantees security until the goods reach their destination. They will do their best to use skilled couriers so that the goods can arrive in excellent condition. JNE also offers packaging services for goods such as hardwood packing, bubble wrap, cardboard and plastic. But for beginners, it is clear that they are confused the first time they send goods via JNE.

How to Send Goods Via JNE

Actually shipping goods via JNE is very easy. But try to deliver goods so that the process runs smoothly. Also don't forget to provide the correct address to allow the item to arrive.

How to Send Goods Via JNE

1. Check the JNE email

The first time you need to check JNE shipping prices to find out the shipping costs to the destination. JNE shipping costs are cheap, everything can be verified online on the official website.

  • Enter the page www.jne.co.id/id/tracking/tariff
  • Complete the origin column with the sending city. The destination column is the destination city
  • Type it in the item weight field
  • Click the Check button
  • Complete the chaptcha
  • Click the Check button
  • You can choose JNE OK, Regular, YES or other services
  • Letters appear

2. Pack the Package Well

Next, initially you have to pack the goods through JNE. Good packaging can be done with a layer of plastic first then followed by newspaper with bubble wrap on the outside. You can use JNE packaging services, but if you don't want to deal with packaging, you have to pay an additional fee. If the goods are prone to breakage or damage, use JNE wooden packaging.

3. Write Sender & Recipient Addresses

Write the sender's address directly and then the recipient's on the outside of the package. If the package is cardboard, the writing may be placed on it, but if the package is covered in plastic, use white paper and add it. Things that must be considered

  • Writing is clear
  • The sender's and recipient's addresses are stated in full and clear
  • Name and mobile number must be shown
  • Make sure it is still in prime condition or use new paper when using paper.

4. Visit your nearest JNE office or agent

Please come with the goods and postage to the JNE office. JNE offices are now present in several regions of Indonesia to facilitate delivery of goods. If you are still confused about the address, please pay attention to Google time.

5. JNE Shipping & Payment Process Package

Go to customer service and have the item shipped. Your goods will be weighed to find out the rate, then you must choose the type of delivery that will be used, JNE YES, OK, Regular or others. If your item is unwrapped, the customer service will provide you with a number of packing alternatives.

After everything is done, you have to pay for the delivery service. When the payment is complete, you will get a receipt number for tracking the package and not throwing it away.

6. Track JNE Packages

After the goods are sent via JNE, all that remains is tracking. The delivery receipt number can be tracked on the official JNE website to find out the status of the goods. Some conditions that often occur, such as:

  • On process: goods are handled for shipment.
  • Warehouse received: goods arrive from the destination city at the nearest JNE warehouse
  • Origin Gateway received: goods arrive at the JNE warehouse in the city
  • In transit: in another city, the goods are in transit.
  • Received at destination: the goods have arrived at the delivery destination but not to the address
  • Stay: the goods arrive at the delivery address

7. Packages Until Destination

Goods are sent by courier and then received at the destination address. Then the receipt check status will be changed to Delivered status. Indeed, shipping goods via JNE is very easy, but try to provide the correct address.
The most important way to send goods via JNE above is to carefully examine the sender's and recipient's addresses. If it turns out that shipping goods via JNE is difficult, you can directly contact the call center at (021) 2927 8888.


The role of shipping services is important because all e-commerce sites use it. One of the best shipping expeditions is JNE, which has experience reaching all parts of Indonesia. Delivery of goods via JNE is protected by package insurance so there is a compensation fee if the goods inside are damaged.

When sending goods via JNE, you must pack them first. Neat packaging can be done with the first layer of plastic then followed by newsprint then outside with bubble wrap.

If you don't want to bother with packing, you can use JNE packaging services. How to send goods via JNE is quite easy to do, but try to provide a clear address. From the receipt number, you can track shipments through the official JNE website. Several statuses that often appear, such as On Process: goods are being processed for delivery.

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