PayPal application, see how to use it – The PayPal app is one of the most popular digital payments in the world. This platform is widely used for payment transactions that are online.

For information, PayPal is a financial services company based in California, United States. One of its founders is Elon Musk who is also known as the pioneer of the Tesla electric car.

The company, which was founded in 1998, was a subsidiary of eBay before being separated as a separate company.

The advantage of PayPal is the use of transactions that can be carried out across countries. This is of course very convenient for those who often buy and sell products from abroad.

Simply put, a PayPal application account is a virtual account that provides online transfer and payment services. Prior to the massive rise of e-commerce, PayPal was widely used to send money between countries, competing with postal money orders.

Benefits of Using the PayPal Application

Benefits of Using the PayPal Application

Payments and money transfers with the PayPal application also have a high level of security, and the process can be done very quickly. Confidentiality of account owner information is also well maintained.

For example, when you see and like a product that is sold in e-commerce but it turns out that the seller is abroad, the PayPal application is the payment solution.

Apart from sending money and paying for purchases, you can also receive money transfers via your PayPal account or Paypal account.

A PayPal account or PayPal account is an online account that functions as a sender or fundraising account like a bank account.

Quoted from the official page, the number of active PayPal users is 325 million accounts with a range of transactions almost all over the world. PayPal can withdraw funds in 56 foreign currencies, and maintain balances in its accounts in 25 currencies.

Even though it offers many conveniences, at first PayPal users in Indonesia were still relatively few, this was because the verification process for creating a Paypal account still had to use a credit card.

But now, PayPal verification for users in Indonesia no longer requires a credit card, this is because several banking savings accounts in the country and their debit cards can be linked to PayPal.

The following are the steps for creating an account on the PayPal Application:

  • Open the official PayPal website at or the PayPal application
  • At the top of the website, select the desired account, namely a personal account or a business account. After that select list
  • Enter the new page, choose the type of account you want, for example a 'Primary' account that can be used for online buying and selling transactions
  • Fill in personal data, then click the 'Agree and Create Account' button.
  • The verification page appears and enter the code that was sent, click 'Continue' and then click 'Enter My Account'
  • You will go to the PayPal account account page. Confirm by opening the email.
  • Open the email and click the link PayPal sent you
  • Once confirmed, PayPal will ask you to enter the registered email and password
  • After logging in, fill in the question fields that are easy to remember, then click the 'Submit' button
  • PayPal application account
  • already created and can be used as a transaction


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