List of Trusted Halal Money-Making Applications – Money making apps, you can start an online shop or become an online guru with talent, for example, or you can use Halal Money Making Apps if you want something simpler.

Such apps are spread across all regions and are easy to find on official sources such as Google Play, App Store or third-party sites.

Many have pointed out that such apps actually make money, even if it's not a lot.

List of the Fastest and Safest Halal Money-Making Applications for 2021

As the name implies, the money you receive is guaranteed to be halal, because it does not include usury or other items that are prohibited by Islam.

Only articles, ads, videos or friends are asked to read, using the same app. Instead, you are paid in coins or points that can be exchanged for real money. Nothing against religion, of course, right? So, what are these money-making applications? Here's the list:

Halal money-making application

CashKarma money-generating application

The apps created by the appKarma company are compatible with iOS or Android devices.

The size for Android is only 35MB and for iOS it is even less, namely 70MB.

Both got 4 stars from iOS and Android users being solid proof that this app is very popular and makes money.

If you are ready to take surveys and complete a number of in-app activities, CashKarma will reward you with points. If you manage to invite friends, Cashkarma will also compensate you.

Plus, the piles of points you earned earlier can be exchanged for real money via PayPal, Walmart, Google Play, Target, iTunes, Xbox Live, Starbucks, etc.

The app is also accessible in six languages, including French, English, German, Chinese, Italian and Spanish, and 100% is free to download and use. Unfortunately, there is no choice of language in Indonesian.

JAKPAT Money Making Application

You can complete short surveys and earn credits. Don't believe? Don't believe? You can then verify it by installing an app from Google Play or the App Store called JAKPAT.

The original Indonesian application created by the JAKPAT Team brought together more than 500,000 surveyors throughout the archipelago.

Jakpat gives you a reward every time you complete a survey in the form of points that can be exchanged for credit, shopping vouchers or cash.

This application is 100% free, but you are asked to use your real identity when registering for an account, including your NIK number on your KTP.

Cashzine Money Making Application

Hot Buzz Break News Want to read? Then you can use a halal money-making application called Cashzine.

This application, which can be accessed on Google Play and the App Store, offers prizes to its users in the form of coins if the user is careful when reading the application articles.

The articles cover a wide range of topics so we promise that everyone will not get bored, from gossip articles, sports, fashion, news, etc.

This application, which has been equipped with AI and added with big data, can suggest articles according to the tastes of each user, you know.

You don't have to bother looking for articles that suit your taste.

If a certain number of coins has been collected, you can withdraw coins to get cash via the DANA, GCash or PayPal applications or simply transfer to a bank account.

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