How to Download McDonald's APP Taiwan and Get Prizes of 3,500 points – Earn Taiwan APP McDonald's Reward Points of 3,500 points. Click UNLOCK, UNLOCK, INSTALL or DOWNLOAD to download it from your mobile.

McDonald's Taiwan has accumulated six million registered members since the launch of “McDonald's APP” in 2016. The launch of the first version in 5 years is today (the first), updated to “McDonald's APP” and includes 3 key features that will make it simpler for customers.

First, Combined With “action point cards”

Customers don't have to pay for cards, they don't have to rely on counters and can tie up their phones. Don't worry about forgetting to take your card with your physical points. If the amount is insufficient, you can maintain the value by using an online credit card.

QR codes can easily be echoed at counters or self-serve ordering machines. Simply complete the checkout, add functionality to your car, and pay contact zero at check-out.

Second, Offer More Coupons and Discounts

The McDonald's news app was used to create a weather alarm clock that allowed users to get coupons, then create “daily jobs and accumulate points each day.” You can earn points by checking in to the app every day to complete login procedures or engage in activities.

Want to register the application

Opportunity to eat McDonalds for free. You can get 1 point with the Didianan card when you spend 10 yuan. The way you get tired is more expensive and faster. At 8pm you can redeem your ice cream. Manfubao, Big Mac and other classic packages are also available.

McDonald's APP Taiwan

Thirdly, Add “Store Earnings” Service and E-Coupons

This APP version update includes “Get in store” service to complete the payment experience. You can buy e-commodity coupons on the “McDonald App” from now on. You can transfer gifts at the same time.

Want to register the application

In the future the discount is rounded off from time to time. Your customers can redeem it through the “Get in store” option at all McDonald's restaurants in Taiwan. This applies to counters, self-serve orders and drives!

Scattered McDonald's red envelopes to make customers more interested in the updated APP.

If you spend 10 yuan, you can earn 1 point using a point card. Points are more expensive and faster. You can exchange 20 ice cream points.

From now on, you will be given a login reward “Action Points Card” as long as you complete your “McDonald's APP” download or upgrade. You can benefit from an increase in binding prizes or rewards before 30/9, up to 3500 points; You can complete 30 points each, 1 point equals 116 points and you can exchange 100 points for the “Classic Mike Chicken Nuggets Set” 115 yuan.

A virtual stored value card placed in the APP will be issued to users who successfully log in to “McDonald's APP” before the end of the current year. The APP login reward is this free action point card. When the card is opened, it is equivalent to a McDonald's Point Card, which can store value and make payments for consumption and exchange for goods with earned points.

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