5 Things You Need to Understand Before Subscribing to Youtube Premium

rancakmedia.com – Unlike Netflix, which asks users to subscribe to watch their content, Youtube offers its users to watch their content for free. However, the "free" price that is given has certain drawbacks.

For this reason, YouTube provides a subscription-based service "YouTube Premium", where users can use the streaming service of their choice. There are a few things to know before you subscribe for those new to YouTube Premium.

1. Prices are set

YouTube Premium or YouTube Red previously charged users a membership price of IDR 59,000 each month after a one-month free trial period. There are additional options for families and students.

The family fee is IDR 89,000 per month and allows users to access Youtube Premium at the same address with 5 additional family members. As for student choices, if the user can show a price that is set at IDR 35,000 per month at a lower price.

2. No Ads

One of the worst things about YouTube right now are the ads and YouTube Premium. Actually, there are various methods to prevent YouTube ads, but most of them are not guaranteed and significantly reduce creative income.

This unlawful method eventually led YouTube to develop a business strategy with alternative income subscription schemes. YouTube claims to share the money you earn from YouTube Premium with the channels users watch.

YouTube Premium

3. Full Access To YouTube Originals

Besides the absence of ads, one of YT Premium's main selling points is complete access to YouTube Originals – a unique collection of YouTube programming. YouTube itself allows free users to watch YouTube Originals content but with ads and only a few viewable episodes.

YouTube Premium not only removes ads from YouTube Originals content, but also gives users direct access to recently aired episodes and additional content such as deleted sequences and director's cuts.

4. YouTube Music Premium Included

YouTube Premium not only provides premium access to YouTube video content, but also offers premium access to YouTube Music music content/songs. YouTube Music is Google's Sang streaming service that is replacing the retired Google Play Music at the end of 2020 for those who still don't know about it.

As with Spotify and other music streaming services, YouTube Music offers a premium alternative for ad-free, background playback, and Offline Download support for free. YouTube Music costs IDR 49,000 per month if you subscribe individually.

5. Support Download Offline Videos and Play in Background

YouTube Premium benefits can be had from any device, but you can only enjoy certain things on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. One of them is the ability to download internet videos.

Fitur ini ditawarkan sebagai solusi untuk orang dengan paket data terbatas saja. Selain itu, ada juga fitur di latar belakang untuk memutar musik. Jadi, meskipun pengguna logout dari YouTube untuk membuka WhatsApp atau aplikasi lain, video yang mereka tonton masih berjalan di jendela pop-up kecil.

YouTube Premium has been around for years, but the way YouTube operates has fundamentally remained unchanged. For those who are not interested in subscribing, content from their favorite channels can still be enjoyed as before.

Of course, one of YouTube Premium's strengths is that there are no ads so the new YouTube Premium can be considered useful for people who watch YouTube frequently. Additionally, a YT Premium subscription is also an ideal choice for users who regularly use YouTube Music, taking into account the subscription scheme dubbed 'buy 1 get 1.'

That's a quick rundown of everything you need to know before signing up for YT Premium. This is a fantastic idea for those of you who may be interested in trying it free for the first 1 month.


YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service where users can get the best of their favorite streaming service. One of YouTube Premium's main selling points is full access to YouTube Originals – a collection of exclusive shows created by YouTube.

Not only that, YouTube Premium also gives users instant access to recently aired episodes and bonus content such as deleted scenes and director's cuts. YouTube Music is just like Spotify and most song streaming platforms, but it's also free to use.

If subscribed separately, YouTube Music priced at IDR 49 thousand per month. Subscription options include ad-free features, playing songs in the background, and offline video download support. Those who are not interested in subscribing to YouTube Premium can enjoy content from their favorite channels as usual.

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