10+ Best Dollar Generating Apps for 2021 on Android

Application to Earn Dollars – You can install and try to use dozens of money-making applications on your smartphone. In general, these applications will offer tasks to be completed and rewards or points for the slower work completed.

The types of incentives also vary, some are in the form of pulses, rupiah, and even dollars. If you normally try application loans or rupiah, you can also try dollar-producing applications.

This is because the dollar itself is a currency with a very expensive price and a sizeable increase. This will definitely add to your income if you exchange it for rupiah later.

Until now, there are lots of dollar-producing applications on the internet, especially if you see them in the play store or app store. Here we outline some suggestions that you should try for dollar earning apps.

There's nothing wrong with trying cash apps that reward you in dollars. You can sell dollars at a better price later, instead of getting paid in rupiah, to increase your income.

Here Is A List Of Apps You Can Try To Make Dollars

Here Is A List Of Apps You Can Try To Make Dollars

WHAFF Rewards

WHAFF Rewards is the first application. This application is one of the popular applications for mobile phones to collect dollars quickly.

In the WHAFF Rewards application, you can get dollars, which can be given directly to paypal by completing tasks.

A number of tasks are accessible, such as downloading apps, utilizing apps, filling out surveys and much more.

For now, you can't install this app through the Play Store, because the developer has some difficulties, but if you still want to test WHAFF Rewards, you can use Google to install it.

appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

Applications installed by more than 5 million play store users can be used to earn dollars by completing the tasks provided.

appKarma works almost the same as previous apps to install apps, play installed apps and many others.

AppKarma will also offer bonuses every time you successfully level up your account. Every dollar you earn with this app can be withdrawn directly to paypal or other alternatives like amazon gift cards, Google games, itunes and many more.

The application created by the creators of appKarma is very small, only about 15 megabytes and can be used on low-end Android phones.

Grab Points

Grab Points is an application that generates dollars and you can try to earn extra pocket money. Just like some other applications, of course you have to fulfill the tasks given by Grab Points to get prizes.

There are many different tasks like watching movies, filling out surveys, installing apps, inviting friends and much more.

You will get points for each job completed which can be immediately converted into dollars to be withdrawn by various payment methods, such as paypal, google play, amazon and others.

You can visit their official website at grabpoints.com and login to start completing various tasks, if you are interested in testing the Grabpoints app.

Earn Cash & Money Rewards – CURRENT Music Screen

Current Rewards App will allow you to earn dollars just by completing the tasks it offers.

You can perform multiple tasks, such as playing music, lock screen gifts, inviting friends, and more.

Every dollar you earn can be withdrawn immediately with paypal, amazon, itunes, google and many more.

This app is very popular in the play store because more than 5 million people have installed it. Even the size of this application is quite small, only about 57 megabytes.


You can only get dollars through the Poll Pay application by filling out surveys and giving views. You can install this application, released on the Play Store by BitBurst GmbH, for free and even more than 1 million people have installed this application.

You can enter the application and register after installing the Poll Pay application. Then take all accessible surveys in the app.

Make sure you give correct and valid answers so you can get the prize. You can withdraw directly to paypal, Amazon, Google Play and other accounts after you receive dollars.

Toluna Influencers

In the Toluna app, influencers can also earn dollars by filling out almost as many surveys as some other dollar-producing apps.

The Toluna Influencer app has many types of surveys, including flash surveys, quick surveys, and premium surveys.

You will get as many points as possible for each survey you complete, which can then be withdrawn via PayPal or other options such as Tokopedia e-gifts, Alfamart coupons, and others.

Okay, it also gathers a lot of influencers who have different abilities, so if you can join a digital project to earn extra dollars when you are one of those influencers and have all the talent needed.

If you are interested in trying, you can install this application on the Play Store for free and more than 1 million people have used this application.

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