How to set the fastest Sympathy APN on your cellphone – How to set the fastest sympathy apn, is Telkomsel internet slow or intermittent? Maybe your Telkomsel APN setting has a problem. Check out this article to find out how to set an APN

Therefore, you should test the Telkomsel APN settings which will be discussed. This way your internet will quickly become more enjoyable for watching movies on Netflix.

This is because various APN settings from Telkomsel 2021 are said to be able to provide a reliable and fast connection on both 3G and 4G networks. Want to know what the steps are like? Check out the reviews below, guys!

What is Sympathy APN Setting?

You must first know what an APN is before having a full conversation. APN can easily be understood as a gateway (gateaway) connection route.

This allows gadgets to access the internet via cellular networks, ranging from GSM, 3G or 4G gangs.

When you install an APN that does not match the HP internet or operator type, there will be problems with the internet connection, including XL, Indasat, and other operator APN settings.

Of course, the APN and XL operator settings for each telephone operator are usually different. Your phone sets its own APN with internet APN by default.

How to set Telkomsel APN to Android

The following steps are explained, especially for Android users, how to install a proper and accurate Telkomsel APN on their smartphone.

  • Go to menu > Network & Internet > Mobile Network Settings.
  • Select the Access Point Names option to tap the Advanced menu.
  • Tap the “+” symbol on the APN screen to add the latest Telkomsel APN settings.
  • Set the APN to the Telkomsel APN settings list.
  • Tap on the top of the 3 dots symbol, select the Save option.
  • Done.


Telkomsel APN settings to Android

APN settings are saved immediately and you only have to choose whether to use them.

How to set apn on iPhone

The Telkomsel iPhone APN setup procedure is even easier.

  • Enter the Settings menu, select the mobile option.
  • Select the Mobility Data Network option to configure iPhone APN settings.
  • Complete List of Telkomsel APN Settings (Update 2021)
  • You also need to know the Telkomsel Official APN settings for three different connection types, namely 4G, 3G and MMS, in addition to subscribing to Telkomsel internet packages.

How to set the Fastest Sympathy APN

How to set the Default Sympathy APN

First, the default Telkomsel APN settings. There is a tutorial, therefore, if you want to go back to the original settings!

Telkomsel 4G APN settings

Maybe your Telkomsel internet connection already supports the 4G LTE network for those of you who live in metropolitan areas.

The speed of this 4G network is of course meaningless if you can't connect your phone to the Internet. So, if you first check the Telkomsel 4G APN settings below, it's better.

Alternative Telkomsel 4G APN Settings

If you need more Telkomsel 4G APN settings, the following table lists the settings, friends! Alley!

Telkomsel 3G APN settings

Maybe not all of you unfortunately can enjoy a reliable 4G LTE network.

Do not be sad for those whose areas do not yet have a 4G LTE network. There is still a 3G network that you can still rely on to explore the virtual world.

Telkomsel APN MMS settings

For those of you who don't know the word MMS, it refers to a multimedia messaging service that is similar to an SMS service but can send things like pictures and videos.

Telkomsel Patientbrn APN settings

One of the most reliable and fastest Telkomsel APN settings that you can use for free is the patient APN settings.

Telkomsel APN settings

Patient APN settings can also be used if you are sure other settings are not fast and stable.

Telkomsel AHA APN settings

In addition, the Telkomsel AHA APN settings are known for their connection stability. You can test these settings, of course!


It is said that Telkomsel's 2021 APN settings can provide reliable and fast connections on both 3G and 4G networks. The steps to set up an APN are even easier, especially for Android users, how to create a decent and accurate Tommsel APN on their smartphone.

If your APN does not match the HP internet or carrier type, there will be problems with the internet connection. This way your internet will quickly become more enjoyable for watching movies on Netflix.

There is a tutorial, therefore, if you want to go back to the original settings. If you need more settings, we'll show you how to set alternative APN and MMS settings. You can also test the patient's APN settings, which may give you better connection speed.

Telkomsel YouTube APN settings can be adjusted so that you don't experience buffering when playing games. If you want to watch YouTube, you can change the APN from the Telkomsel game APN so you can play more smoothly. There is a way to set up APN for those of you who like to watch videos on your phone or tablet.

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