9 Tips for Making Money From RajaView Easy and Fast

Rancakmedia.com – Do you want to earn money online through RajaView? You can use the tips on making money from RajaView that we provide below, to make money faster.

When you act as an advertiser, you have to deposit money to make video ads visible to a large number of people. Instead of viewers, you will be paid to view video ads by other people. You will also be able to register as an advertiser.

Get to know RajaView

So how do you register RajaView? How much money will we as spectators get? What are the benefits and inconveniences? Is RajaView or scam safe? Check out the review below.

If you are interested in registering for money or placing advertisements on our website, listen to the following explanation to understand more.

Get to know RajaView

RajaView is part of the digital advertising industry PT Media Promo Online. This business is located on Jl. Kanal Jakarta, Antapani Bandung 40293 – West Java Indonesia, and has been established since 2018.

This platform itself helps advertisers promote their YouTube URLs, and users can earn Money from the advertiser by watching the provided URL. Thus the source of money comes from advertisers.

Security To Make Money From RajaView

In my opinion, this website is safe from fraud or fraud because the business identification is clear and even complete with the operational location. Although I have never withdrawn money, I dare to suggest this website for money.

How to Register RajaView

It is very easy to register on this website, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the Rajaview.id website
  2. Click now on the Register tab
  3. Then fill out the form with complete data.
  4. A link will be provided to your account via email.

Security To Make Money From RajaView

How RajaView Functions

The way to operate this website is quite easy, Rajaview collects money from advertisers which will later be given to viewers or advertisements. Advertisers who have paid a minimum deposit of IDR 100,000 will place their ad on the website.

Before viewing ads and collecting money, please make sure your profile information is complete and correct; the most important thing is that the payment account number must be valid.

You just need to go to the View Ad with Eye symbol option to view the ad. You will then be redirected to the ad's YouTube page complete with payment and viewing time.

Advertising Costs Advertising costs on RajaView are quite low. The minimum deposit is only Rp. 100,000 minus 10%. You can then choose ad rates based on your balance. For example, you have a balance of Rp. 90,000 and choose to promote for 240 seconds and the total views you receive are 900, because the cost of each view is Rp. 100.

How to advertise is quite simple, enter the dashboard and click the My Ads menu then click +ads after you register. Then you go to the advertising website, fill in the form properly and click on Continue.

How Much Money Earn From Rajaview

How to Register RajaView

It is not easy to make money, it requires work and patience to achieve the desired profit.

However, it is not enough to make money from this site with patience and work, but more effort, more patient assistance and suitable Internet facilities must be done.

How come? The price you pay for each video is very modest, depending on the length of the video, starting from Rp. 15 to Rp. 125. For additional information, see the table below.

The purpose of the viewing period is the duration spent watching the provided video. Of course with such payments it takes a long time to reach the required nominal payment of Rp. 150,000, which is then paid by transfer to your registered account number.

RajaView Money Making Tips

You should listen to the suggestions below for optimal results.

RajaView offers various prizes based on the length of the video ad, the longer the duration, the higher the prize I linked to the table.

If you choose a short film, the prize is simple, but not long; if you choose a long film, the rewards are huge, but it takes a lot of time.

Then you have to Choose Video Duration

How Much Money Earn From Rajaview

Depending on the situation, I suggest you choose short films as they are more time efficient, but you may miss out on the opportunity to view long videos and receive a hefty price tag.

However, you should choose a long video so that your work does not get in the way if you are doing other activities, but want to continue to receive additional income from website This.

Benefits of RajaView

Notes on the benefits and drawbacks found on this website are available. The disadvantage is that the viewing time is invalid, therefore you are not paid even if you have watched a film of the required length because your viewing time is invalid or incorrect. This may be due to a weak internet connection.

The benefit of this website is the availability of various types of video lengths to modify films according to circumstances. Another advantage, advertising prices are very low and you can simply promote your URL for IDR 100,000. You can also use money from rajaview to promote.


I recommend RajaView as a place to make money online, but with some limitations. For example, you have a very good internet connection, why do you need wifi?

Since the wifi connection is generally stable and very necessary, the cost will be quite high if you are using a mobile data plan to view ads and the cost may not cover the cost.

How RajaView Functions

You must not sacrifice anything of value other than money, namely time, if you wish to collect money from rajaview to watch advertisements on this website.

I do not advise you to set income goals because subconsciously it will push you to achieve these goals and spend time just to earn dollars, which are worthless compared to the time you spend. Do not let this website become the main income.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about RajaView, as follows:

Is RajaView Closed?

RajaView is a service to increase engagement on website content or YouTube videos to announce that it will close starting on August 15, 2021, this was announced by a poster on the member's dashboard.


Rajaview id is an advertising website that combines advertisers and advertisers (viewers).
Advertising Costs Advertising costs on RajaView are quite low.

That's information about tips for making money from RajaView easily and quickly, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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