3 Ways to Fix MP3 Files Can't Play Music on Android

rancakmedia.com - How to Overcome can't play mp3 music on android. Why Can't the Android Music Player Play MP3 Songs? Have you ever experienced a problem like this.

If so, then right now you are certainly confused and sad because you can't play your favorite song or favorite song. To overcome this I will provide a solution, but before that I will give a brief explanation of the song that cannot be played.

3 ways repair mp3 files which cannot be played on cellphones. Every Android device must be equipped with a Music Player Application. And this application can scan all #Audio files, both on the Internal Card or External Card (Micro SD).

The information that I know is that the default application rarely has errors or damage, most applications that have errors are from additional applications that you install yourself from Google Play or something else.

There are several factors that make the music player application unable to play audio files. Maybe it's because the song file has been deleted or lost, but the song title appears in the music player list so you think that the song is still there, even though it's actually not there.

This is caused by cache files that are not deleted, so it's as if the song files are still there.

3 Ways to Fix MP3 Files Can't Play Music on Android

Overcoming Android Music Player Cannot Play Songs

3 ways to fix mp3 files that won't play on cellphones. To overcome this, you should make improvements to the song files and the music player application. Here's a guide and explanation.

Clearing App Cache

Clearing the application cache is the first way you can do it. Sometimes cache files can cause an error in the application, for example there is the info "No Medium Found" even though there are several song files on the Internal and External cards.

For that you need to do a scan on the music player application, there may be a lot of cache files. Use the CClenar application, or Clean Master to scan and clean the cache file.

Clear App Data

Clearing application data is meant to make the application look fresher and fresher. But first you should know that deleting application data will remove all configuration settings such as Playlists, Favorites, Equalizer and other composition features.

The trick is to enter the Settings menu > Apps > look for the music player application that you normally use, then click Clear data, Clear cache and Force stop.

Reboot Smartphone

Turn off your Android smartphone, then remove the battery, SIM card and Micro SD. Leave it for a moment so that no energy enters the smartphone. Then Plug it in and restart it.

As an alternative, you can also install another music player that may not have an error and can play MP3 songs. Try to find and retrieve the music player application via Google Play Store.

The final word

This is a brief review of How to Overcome a Music Player That Can't Play MP3 Songs, from rancakmedia.com hopefully can help and be useful.

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