An Explanation of What is Msa on Xiaomi Phones – The MSA application does not appear on the home screen, but runs in the background and is not used manually by the user. On Lenovo, Acer, Vivo and Oppo phones there is no MSA application, but only on Xiaomi phones.

Some users may ask, what is this MSA application? what is the role? and how do you disable or remove this MSA application?
Instead of wanting to know, let's just read the following article.

But before continuing to the next article, you might ask why the MSA application jam doesn't appear on the home screen page, the MSA application doesn't appear in the application manager.

To see the MSA application in your application manager, open Settings > Manage Applications, click the three-point corner at the top right, then select the option "Present All Apps". then scroll down. Later you will be able to see the MSA application with a green robot image.

Now that you know how to view the MSA application, let's proceed to our next discussion.

Is it MSA on Xiaomi Phones

MSA stands for MIUI System Ads. here you can already guess the function of this MSA application, which is related to ad management on the Xiaomi system.

This application is the trigger for advertisements to appear on our Xiaomi cellphones. And the advertisements that appear are displayed in the form of push notifications, which will be in the notification bar of your Xiaomi cellphone.

The answer can be yes can not. Because to delete or uninstall the MSA application you need to Root your Xiaomi cellphone. If your phone is not rooted, you cannot delete or uninstall the MSA application anyway.

But if your Xiaomi cellphone is not in a Root System state, you can do this by disabling or stopping the application in the application manager menu in the settings menu.

If you still want to remove or delete the MSA application then you need to root your Xiaomi cellphone. But you need to think again if your Xiaomi cellphone is still under warranty, the reason is the cellphone Xiaomi you will be forfeited or void of warranty when you root your Xiaomi cellphone.

How to Remove Ads on Xiaomi Mobile

As I explained above if MSA is used as a system program
Xiaomi to show ads.

So if MSA is deactivated, you will no longer see any advertisements on your Xiaomi cellphone.

Msa On Xiaomi Phones

How to?

What is clear is that your Xiaomi cellphone must be rooted first.

Once rooted, you can use programs like Link2SD.

You can read the complete tutorial here.

good luck.

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