List of Windows 11 Update Features

Windows 11 Update List July 2021. Last week Microsoft officially confirmed the presence of Windows 11. Windows 11 comes with design updates to features.

Microsoft menjelaskan konsentrasi besar untuk Windows 11 adalah penyederhanaan antarmuka pengguna Windows, Windows Toko baru, dan peningkatan kinerja dan multitasking. Windows 11 akan menyertakan dukungan untuk menjalankan application Android untuk pertama kalinya.

Design and Layout, Performance,Gaming, Android Support

Here's a Windows 11 Update List

1. Design and Layout

Windows 11 includes a new Start menu and an updated Start button both centered on the taskbar. The interface (UI) is very similar to what was first seen in Windows 10X, a project originally planned for dual-screen devices that was ultimately canceled by Microsoft.

Much of the UI that went into Windows 10X appeared in Windows 11. The new Start menu comes with the Live Tiles that were originally introduced with Windows 8. There are separate apps, recent documents, and melting interfaces. Head of Windows Panos Panay said the team had been obsessed with every detail.

Windows 11 will also include updated dark and light modes. There's also something called Microsoft Snap Layouts, which lets users quickly snap apps into the different modes that Windows 11 supports.

This new version of Windows 11 will also remind you where your apps are stored, thanks to something called a Group Snap.

2. Performance and Features

Windows 11 focuses on performance. This Windows update is 40 percent smaller and more effective and does not affect the user's work. Microsoft is integrating Microsoft Teams directly into Windows 11 for consumers.

Teams is built right into the mechanism tray so Windows 11 users can contact friends, family, or partners. Windows widgets and touch gestures are a big part of Windows 11. Widgets are personalized feeds powered by AI and based on the widgets introduced in Windows 10.

Widgets zoom in from the left side of Windows 11 and you can see them in full screen. Built-in widgets include an information feed, weather, and maps. Interestingly, it includes a widget that lets you provide guidance to local content creators right from Windows 11.

Microsoft improves gestures that work on tablets and touch targets. Instead of switching to the tablet model, Windows 11 only adapts so that users can easily touch the operating mechanism.

3. Gaming

Xbox Series X / S, Auto HDR, can be part of Windows 11. Turning on Auto HDR will add high active range (HDR) to most DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games as long as the user has an HDR compatible screen. Microsoft promises speed and performance improvements for Windows 11.

As the new Xbox app the company has been testing for several months, Xbox Games Pass will be integrated into Windows 11. It also includes xCloud built into this Xbox app so users can stream games from Microsoft's cloud as well.

4. Android support

One of the biggest parts of Windows 11 is the new storage and support for Android apps on Windows. The Microsoft Store has been redesigned and will provide support for a wide variety of applications that are generally not available in Windows App Store.

This includes apps from Adobe Creative Suite and Android apps like TikTok and Instagram. Windows 11 will run Android apps. Microsoft has partnered with Amazon and Intel to make this happen, and Windows 11 will use Intel Bridge technology to make it happen.

Microsoft is demonstrating TikTok and other Android apps running alongside Windows apps in Windows 11, and the company plans to release more info about this in the future.

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